Latest Sage X3 product update brings new features and functionality to ERP software

Latest Sage X3 product update brings new features and functionality to ERP software

Since launching Sage X3 in 2009, Sage has released nine updates to its global, enterprise-level ERP software. These updates include new features and functionality in direct response to feedback from current users, particularly concerning changes in the ways users access their ERP systems.

The recent ninth update builds further upon the key benefits of Sage X3 to include:

Better mobility

  • A new mobile app, optimised for accessing, tracking and managing physical assets from handheld devices
  • A new, redesigned mobile interface to simplify access to information and increase personalisation by individual users
  • Easier cloud deployment, enabling customers to switch infrastructure (cloud, private cloud or on-premise) without disruption in functionality, user experience and access to data.

Improved usability

  • Streamlined customisations and increased control over modifications and security
  • Simplified navigation with always-on breadcrumb trail and keyboard shortcuts
  • Automated end-to-end factoring process for more flexibility, ease and accuracy, including control of the financial risk, costs and posting rules for receipts and payment notifications.

New functionality

  • Integration with Sage Pay (UK) for payment processing to manage payments using Sage X3 data online, face to face and on the phone
  • Control over changes and versions of manufactured products or articles
  • Optimised logistics and management of suppliers, containers and segments
  • Updates for local compliance in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Spain and France.

Grow a faster, simpler and more flexible business with Sage X3

Sage X3 is designed specifically to improve the profitability of your business and streamline your day-to-day operations, with features geared towards enhancing speed, ease and versatility for end-users. The software effectively simplifies every part of your operation to leave you agile, responsive, and poised for future growth.

Compared to other ERP systems at the enterprise level, Sage X3 is:

  • Faster

The software manages all of your core business processes, both locally and internationally. Crucially, this universal data access is all available on mobile devices to further enhance information access.

  • Simpler

Sage X3 is easy to use in web browsers and on mobile devices, giving you the freedom to work wherever you need – whether as a service in the cloud, or deployed on the infrastructure of your choice.

  • More flexible

The system is easily scalable and quickly adapts to your changing needs, growing with your business as you expand to new markets or geographies.

Find out more

If you’d like more information about Sage X3 and the latest software update, including how it could make running your business simpler, quicker and more flexible, get in touch with the team at Datel.

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