Sage X3 v11 – the latest product update: simpler, faster and more flexible ERP

Sage X3 v11 – the latest product update: simpler, faster and more flexible ERP

Sage X3 v11 was released in February 2017 and includes new features and functionality in direct response to feedback from current users.  This release builds upon the key benefits of the software to provide enhanced project management capabilities, financial reporting, CRM and ecommerce integration plus many more features.

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Paolo Arcangelo, Datel’s Sage X3 Services Director, added: “All in all we are very excited by Sage X3 v11 and look forward to demonstrating this to our customers.

“Sage X3 v11 has introduced lots of new features and functions to allow customers to do business more efficiently.

“The new project management feature will be particularly useful to businesses in manufacturing and service sectors, as users can monitor and track entire processes from start to finish. Plus, having the ability for our customers to now budget with more dimensions and access inter-company consolidation will give them even more financial insight, which is a key driver for a lot of their growth plans.”

Sage X3 v11 offers:

  • Faster process cycle time, inventory turns, customer response time, and insights into costs and performance.

  • Simpler management of distributed operations and simpler IT management.

  • More flexible capacity, customisation, configuration and deployment options, in the cloud or on premises.

Ian Mowbray, Sage X3 Pre-Sales Consultant at Datel, said of the release: “With Sage X3 version 11 comes a number of functional enhancements that existing customers can make use of. The lists of features points to a rapidly shrinking world in terms of overseas fulfilment, and the demand of people getting access to their system immediately when they need it. All in all, it’s a pretty exciting release – well done Sage!”

The benefits of Sage X3 are achieved through several functionality updates to the following areas of Sage X3:

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Andrew Pritchard, Sales Director at Datel, concluded: “Version 11 has definitely made Sage X3 available to an even broader spectrum of businesses, and will meet a more diverse set of requirements. Now that we’ve got project management, production scheduler, ecommerce and Salesforce integration for CRM, this allows us to deliver an even more comprehensive solution to customers.”

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If you’d like more information about Sage X3 and the latest software update, including how it could impact your current or future ERP software plans, get in touch with the team at Datel.