Sanctuary Personnel chooses Datel for upgrade to Sage 200

Sanctuary Personnel chooses Datel for upgrade to Sage 200

29th April 2016

Sanctuary Personnel, a leading provider of specialist recruitment services to the health and social care, mental health and criminal justice industries, has selected Datel as their Sage Business Partner to implement the organisation’s new Sage 200 business management solution.

Since its inception in 2002, Sanctuary Personnel has provided qualified social workers and care professionals to public and private sector social services throughout the UK. The company’s responsiveness and commitment to best practice has seen them grow in stature, reach and reputation, with many milestones on the route to employing 100 people at their Ipswich headquarters.

Having been named as one of the 100 fastest-growing companies in the UK in 2015, Marc Bradbury, Head of Finance at Sanctuary Personnel, knew that the time to invest in a more robust and efficient business management solution had long since passed.

Marc explains how the organisation’s growth in recent years has impacted their business management systems: “Sanctuary Personnel has grown consistently since its inception; in 2006 we had a £10 million turnover, and in just ten years this has grown to £120 million. We’re currently in the process of moving to a bigger office to give us the scope to invest in new staff and improved facilities.

“Such significant expansion hasn’t been without its growing pains, and it wasn’t long before we started to realise that a more robust and efficient finance management system was needed if we were going to sustain our success and continue expanding the business.”

Prior to approaching Datel, Sanctuary Personnel was using Sage’s Sage 50 software; a solution Marc was pleased with for some time, but felt that the business had outgrown. He says: “The Sage 50 package served us very well for a long time, and we were pleased with how it worked for the business – but the need to upgrade had definitely started to rear its head two or three years ago.

“As Sage 50 was operating to its absolute capacity, we were starting to experience some quite detrimental data corruption issues,” Marc explains. “The system was running very slowly and we experienced four or five instances of data corruption in just a few months.

“To fix these issues, we would ask Sage to repair the system, which resulted in a period of downtime for us while they worked on the software. We always received a functional system back from Sage in limited time, but as we hadn’t had access to the system, all of the data we’d collected in the interim had to be re-keyed. As can be imagined, especially with this being a regular occurrence, it had become a huge drain on our resources in-house.

“From this point, it was a case of just picking the right time for us to go ahead with a new software implementation. We’re a busy business, so we’ve been spending the last couple of years upgrading all of our other systems – but now was clearly the time to invest in an upgrade from Sage 50.”

In terms of choosing a new system, for Marc there was no question that the business would continue to use Sage’s business management software products: “Having used Sage for so long, everyone in our department is used to the look and the feel of it, so it felt like an obvious step for us to opt for ‘the next Sage up’.”

Once Marc decided on Sage as his software provider, he contacted Sage Business Partner Datel to advise the best solution for Sanctuary Personnel’s business needs: “Datel were at the forefront for us and seemed to be the best choice, given that the business is so well-known for its Sage expertise.

“We consulted with the team at Datel to discuss the problems we’d been having, and they recommended Sage 200 as the best solution.”

Marc explains how Sage 200’s features will provide benefits to Sanctuary Personnel: “The versatility of Sage 200 was a huge selling point, as it is able to effectively ‘speak’ to our other systems and integrate the information we’re bringing in via our new data exchange. This means we’ll be able to do a lot of work within the product, so we won’t be contending with multiple spreadsheets across different platforms. This will hopefully facilitate a more seamless flow of information, and produce various time and cost savings and efficiencies for the business.

“Sanctuary Personnel has quite large departments for credit control and accountancy, so the new reporting features will be a huge bonus for us. Sage 200 offers month-end functionality that we didn’t have previously, so it will help the teams here to get their monthly reports done much quicker.”

Marc concludes: “Our project manager at Datel has consistently jumped through hoops for us to ensure that the entire project runs smoothly alongside our other business developments, and everyone we’ve been in contact with at the business has helped us through the process as much as possible.

“I’m quite confident that Sage 200 will deliver the robust upgrade our business’ financial systems have needed for some time.”

For Datel, Sales & Marketing Director Jo Fulton comments: “We are delighted that Sanctuary Personnel has chosen Sage and Datel to support them during this next phase of their business development. The business has experienced tremendous success and growth year-on-year since first opening its doors, and it’s great that Sage software and Datel’s expertise will play an integral part in helping them along their business journey. We are looking forward to assisting Sanctuary Personnel during the integration project and seeing how the new Sage 200 implementation fuels their business growth.”

Man using telephone
“I’m quite confident that Sage 200 will deliver the robust upgrade our business’ financial systems have needed for some time.”

Marc Bradbury, Head of Finance
Sanctuary Personnel