Save time, free-up resources and get a quick ROI with Fusion Automation in Sage

Save time, free-up resources and get a quick ROI with Fusion Automation in Sage

Automating arduous but necessary processes within your business will save you significant amounts of time. Processes within your Sage application will be completed efficiently and without delay. Productivity will increase and more time will be available, enabling you to improve the service you provide to your customers.

Introducing Fusion Automation

Fusion Automation is part of the Datel Fusion suite of products, designed to integrate with and work alongside Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000.

Fusion Automation is a powerful tool for automating frequently used and time-consuming tasks in Sage, conducting processes without the need for manual data input, such as:

  • Completing works orders
  • Printing picking lists
  • Allocating stock
  • Filling out purchase orders
  • Processing invoices.

Fusion Automation allows you to make these key Sage processes more efficient, saving valuable time within your business and streamlining your operations.

Fusion Automation

Features and benefits

Fusion Automation offers three key features and benefits to business, allowing you to:

  • Automate repetitive manual tasks

The software supports a number of tasks, as well as reading and writing data to a Sage form. Groups of multiple tasks can be linked, such as month end routines, limiting the number of clicks to make the process faster. Automating these tasks means faster and more efficient use of user’s time, so your staff can be repurposed and invest resources into more profitable development opportunities.

  • Reduce or eliminate downtime

Using Automation, a number of tasks that have to take place out of hours can be processed at a time convenient to the business, without having to pay a user to be there, or have people come out of the database to perform them. For example, batch posting can be completed at the end of a day or shift, meaning more effective use of employees’ time when the database is not in constant use.

  • Manage workflow more efficiently

Complicated and high-speed business processes can lead to error when there is a lot of manual intervention required, such as progressing orders through different statuses. Fusion Automation enables users to manage their workflows more efficiently by automating many of these processes, allowing system managers to design a process linking a number of Sage routines together.

Fusion Automation on laptop screen

Quick return on investment

As with any new software investment, it is important to ascertain the return on investment (ROI) to be gained from implementing Fusion Automation within your Sage solution.

Fusion Automation is able to provide a quick and tangible ROI for businesses of various sizes and structures.

Businesses carry out a broad range of small and repetitive jobs within Sage on a daily basis, and Fusion Automation could remove the manual intervention required for these tasks.

For example, your business might employ someone on a salary of £25,000 per year who is responsible for printing purchase orders throughout the day, and spends around half an hour per day going into Sage and printing them out.

Over the period of a year, this employee would average about 132 hours per year of their work hours printing purchase orders; equating to approximately £1,667 of cost per year to your business.

Based on this example, Fusion Automation would pay for itself in slightly over two years – and that is completing just one small job. If another staff member performs a similarly small job and is paid the same salary, it would be possible for Fusion Automation to pay for itself in just one year.


Find out more about the possibilities of Fusion Automation for your business, and how it could help to give you more time to spend on business growth.