SikSilk selects Sage Enterprise Management to help reach business goals

Modern fashion brand implements Datel solutions to assist with future growth


SikSilk’s Financial Controller, Chris Chambers, discusses the reasons behind adopting Datel solutions and how it has contributed to meeting its business ambitions.

“We wanted a system that would provide us with the confidence and trust we need that the information being produced is correct,” said Chris, “One of our other key requirements was a solution that can help future-proof the business and assist in increasing brand recognition.”

SikSilk is an athletic, styled combination of sportswear meets streetwear, taking its inspiration from top athletes around the world and the uprising streetwear culture, which heavily influences the youth market.

To ensure SikSilk can meet its objectives and input data in a fast and efficient way, the business selected Sage Enterprise Management as its business management solution. SikSilk also chose Sage Enterprise Intelligence to further assist with the accuracy of its reporting. 

  • The system selection process

“We have been Sage customers for a while, but it felt like we had started to outgrow the previous systems. The solutions weren’t speaking efficiently to each other and we were experiencing significant duplication of effort. This triggered our search into the latest solutions on the market.”

“When looking for a new solution, we wanted something that would be able to grow alongside SikSilk, and meet the new demands that will arise during expansion. We are striving for considerable growth over the next few years so this was a crucial requirement.”

“When we were introduced to Datel they completely understood SikSilk’s needs which gave us a huge amount of confidence. It was clear that the Datel team has a great wealth of knowledge and this made the  decision easy to make.”

  • The future

“We are looking to grow and expand into different markets over the coming years, and having the right systems in place will be a key part of that journey. We hope that this is the start of a long lasting relationship with Datel.”

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