Speed and precision

Sage 200 is the driving force behind new business

9th April 2021

What made an innovative start-up choose Sage 200 immediately? We spoke to Mark Booker, CEO and Co-Founder of Elite Sensors Ltd, about launching his new business, and why Sage 200 is right for his fast-paced new venture. 

Elite Sensors Ltd is a UK company which designs and manufactures high-performance, quality, robust sensors. Initially targeting the Motorsport series market, which Mark has many years of experience in. “Race cars can utilise over 200 sensors in race condition and up to double that during testing”, Mark explained.  

The business will concentrate on this core market before expanding into the Aero (UAV), Down Hole Oil, and Gas markets by developing and manufacturing high-value niche products. 

Taking the plunge 

After discussing it for some time, it was only in October 2020 when Mark and his Co-Founder decided to start Elite Sensors. Mark’s passion and determination for his new venture meant he was soon gathering strong support from friends and colleagues. Remarkably, it took just eight weeks to secure complete investment. Several talented industry experts joined Mark and his Co-Founder, meaning the start-up is now made up of six passionate team players. 

Meeting incredibly high demands 

Mark explains that in an environment as uncompromising as motorsports, Elite Sensors need a sophisticated system to drive their new business forward. Throughout his thirty-year motorsport career, Mark has worked with both Sage and Datel and is very aware of the capabilities of Sage 200. 

Working quickly is the difference between winning and being left on the grid, as Mark explained; “As a start-up I'm dealing with a huge amount. I need to be able to have information quickly and efficiently rather than manually inputting endless data. While I’m leading the business, Sage is monitoring the finances. At the end of the month, when I review the accounts, it’s all done for me. It’s a weight off my mind.”  

What’s particularly useful to Mark is the control and visibility that Sage 200 provides. The complex regulations of motorsports require traceability for all the components of the cars. Mark elaborated, “you know the race is going to start with or without you. If a sensor needs to be replaced, or a part traced, you have to solve that problem immediately”.  

In safe hands 

Having worked with Datel in previous roles with other businesses, the consistent support he has enjoyed was a key reason Mark chose us again.  

“Speaking to the right person at the right time is critical because when we have a problem, it costs us money. Being able to resolve it is key, and with Datel and their knowledgeable support team, we know we can solve it quickly.” 

Launching a new business can be a daunting prospect, but Mark’s team is confident. Currently in the scoping stage, he hopes to have Sage 200 fully integrated by April and to begin trading soon after. The project team here at Datel have found it a pleasure to work with such a dynamic and knowledgeable group so far and we're sure nothing can stop them taking first place.