Spotlight on Support: why we share the good and the bad from our Support team

Spotlight on Support: why we share the good and the bad from our Support team

When you’re choosing a Sage Business Partner to manage your support, transparency is without question one of the key factors you should consider.

If a prospective partner is open and honest with you about the results they achieve and their customers’ satisfaction levels, and gives you full, accurate and timely disclosure of this information; you can be reassured that your expectations will be managed if ever you come across any issues.

Datel’s commitment to transparency across our support function is a reflection of how we like to approach all areas of business.

Honesty has been the crux of our high customer retention rate over the years, and we place a lot of importance on building loyalty with both our current and prospective customers. Being forthright about the capabilities of our support service has been integral in establishing this level of trust.

Live support ticket stats

Datel offers our customers online access to a support ticket system, from where our customers can log new tickets and check the progress of any previous issues.

We offer full visibility on the activities of our support team – at all times – by publishing this data live on our website, directly from our CRM system.

For each day, you can see an unfiltered view of how many tickets have been opened, how many have been closed, and the average response time.

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Live customer feedback

In-keeping with our commitment to business transparency, we also ask our customers to provide their own feedback on the technical support and customer experience they’ve received from our team.

The support department collates and reviews each and every comment to make sure we continue to provide the best possible resolutions to any issues.

We choose to publish all survey results and comments anonymously directly onto our website through a live feed.

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“Support feedback is very important to us. All customer feedback is published on our website as we like to be as open as possible with regards to our performance, and the outstanding service we deliver and strive to maintain.

"It’s always nice to have positive feedback, but negative feedback is equally important. It allows us to address any dissatisfaction and correct the situation, opening up a dialogue with our customers to get a better idea of what they actually want and need.

“The more feedback we have, the more we can do to improve our services – and the more positive our feedback becomes as a result.”

- Debra Leland, Datel’s Customer Support Director.
Debra Leland