SupaLite goes through the roof

Sage 200 is system of choice for innovative tile company 

16th June 2021

We are excited to announce SupaLite Tiled Roof Systems has chosen to partner with Datel for their move to Sage 200. We spoke to Finance Director and daughter of the founder, Nina Watters, about their innovative product offering and the benefits the new system will bring.  

The SupaLite Tiled Roof System is a lightweight, easy-to-install solid roof which fits onto an existing conservatory window frame, eliminating dramatic changes in temperature. Founded in 2012 when there were very few competing products, the company still enjoys a large market share and has gone from strength to strength. 

Grown out of Sage 50 

Nina and the team have been using Sage 50 for some time now, however the system is starting to creak. What SupaLite has been missing is a comprehensive warehousing and stock solution as well as sophisticated data analysis. To compensate, Nina has developed various workarounds to handle their demands, but with further growth it’s now getting unmanageable. Nina said, “the growth year on year has been phenomenal, and it’s clear we’ve outgrown Sage 50 which we have been using since 2013. A new system is long overdue.” 

They had begun looking for a new system back in 2019, and had some conversations with Junior at Datel about Sage 200. Not long after, the pandemic hit the UK and discussions were paused. The impact of lockdown measures was short-lived for SupaLite, as Nina explains; “We closed for six weeks, but were up and running again by July 2020. Thankfully installers work outside and there has been a huge demand for home improvement. If anything, the pandemic has boosted sales.” 

Working closely with Datel 

In early 2021, Nina was quick to get back in contact with Datel to get the project going once more, especially as conversations had been going so well. “We are even more sure we need a new system now. The functions of Sage 200 are going to help us so much and the add-ons mean it can grow with us.”  

After confirming their requirements with Datel, Nina has decided on an iterative process, starting with the basic setup and installing further add-ons as they need. This tailored approach from Datel is what appealed to Nina, as she enjoys building a relationship with her suppliers.

“I got a good feeling about Datel. The live customer support feedback published on your website is fantastic. I really appreciate the human touch, and see a lot of other Datel customers do too. It's a big positive to get to know the same consultants and have actual conversations with people on the phone that know your business.”  

Scoping of the project has just started and they hope to be up and running by the end of the year. For Nina, her focus is on getting it done right rather than rushing, and we couldn't agree more.