The Customer Journey at Datel - Stage 1: Discovery

The Customer Journey at Datel - Stage 1: Discovery

At Datel, we believe that the journey is just as important as the destination – and this is no truer than when it comes to ERP implementation.

The process of implementing ERP software across your business isn’t as simple as finding an out-of-the-box software solution, switching it on, and immediately reaping all the benefits. Various procedures are involved in order to properly refine your requirements, find an appropriate solution, and make sure that the software is correctly configured; to support your business now and in the future.

Join us on a journey

The road to successful ERP implementation with Datel is a journey with three main stages: Discovery, Implementation, and Support.

Learn more below about the first stage of your journey: Discovery.

  • Understanding your requirements

We need to get to know you and understand exactly what you want from your new ERP system.

To start your journey, one of our New Business Consultants will visit you for a 'Discovery Meeting' to capture your requirements and understand your aspirations for the future.

This is the time for us to ask you the right questions, listen to your responses, and take a consultative approach to decide what features you need and benefits you want to gain.

We use our extensive experience and ERP Toolkit to guide you towards the most appropriate Sage solution. Together, we will establish the best solution for you.

To further assess the benefits of your business investing in such a large new software solution, you can download Datel’s ERP Diagnosis App. Available from the App Store, this free app can help you to build a business case for ERP software based on your specific needs, including ROI calculations to legitimise the investment.

  • Getting to know us

To give you confidence in partnering with Datel, please feel free to refer to the many case studies on our website, read our blogs, and even talk to Sage.

We’re also happy for you to get in touch with businesses from our pool of over 1,000 happy customers, to discuss their experiences of working with us.

  • Demonstrating how the software will work for you

We will come to meet you and understand how various processes work across your business. We will ask you for examples of your data and what information you would like out of a new system.

Using these, we build and present a customised version of the Sage software, carrying out detailed demonstrations so everyone appreciates how it will work in your business.

If it becomes apparent that you will need specific configurations or additional implementations, one of our Business Analysts will document exactly what you need.

  • Making sure all is clear and you are happy

The next stage involves a meeting with your key decision-makers and our consultants to iron out your key requirements, and pinpoint any additional software or products you might need or like to complement and enhance your solution. This could include products from third parties, from Datel’s Fusion range, or perhaps even a brand new product, process or function.

Based on this meeting, we will put together a clear proposal for your project, including the cost of the software, the days required for implementation and the price for support.

  • Kicking off the project

Once you are happy with and accept the proposal, that’s great – welcome on board! Now, our consultants are ready to hand over your project to our project management team, who will oversee and manage the implementation of your brand new software solution.

Discover more about the three stages in Datel’s customer journey.

Overview: Join Datel on a 7-step journey of success, and watch our customer journey video.

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