The Customer Journey at Datel - Stage 2: Implementation

The Customer Journey at Datel - Stage 2: Implementation

Continuing your journey

The road to successful ERP implementation with Datel is a journey with three main stages: Discovery, Implementation, and Support.

Learn more below about the second stage of your journey: Implementation.

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  • Kicking off the project

We've agreed your solution and how we will work together – welcome to the next stage of the journey!

Everything we have learned about you so far will be passed onto one of our accredited Project Managers, who will be your point of contact throughout Implementation.

Your Project Manager will be selected depending on the software solution that has been agreed for your project, as each member of the team specialises in certain types of Sage software.

Your Consultant will brief the Project Manager on your business’s requirements, the solution itself and why it was the best choice for you, the type of business you have, and your goals for the system and the future of your business.

We will also appoint one of our Directors as a Project Sponsor to make sure work is delivered on time and budget.

  • Project plan and scope

Working with you, your Project Manager will build a Project Plan which accommodates your priorities, timescales, and availability.

Your Project Manager will collaborate with you to discuss and agree on key user training sessions, workshops, and the roles and responsibilities of all parties to ensure successful and timely delivery.

For your reference, we will upload copies of the project plan, scoping presentations, site visit reports, training agendas, user guides, workshop notes and other associated, supporting documents to a secure cloud platform, available only for you and Datel to access.

  • Building, testing and going live

During detailed workshops with you, we will document exactly how the system will be configured, and will then build it and train you how to use it.

Your Project Manager will reserve the most suitable Application Consultants and allocate any specific developments to our Technical Development team.

Then, with the solution built, your users trained, test plans completed and your data migrated – you’re ready to go live!

…One last check, though.

There will be a pre ‘go-live’ review with the Project Sponsor and Project Manager, in which you will meet with us to run through all of the key processes and demonstrate that they work to specification.

Only then, when you and Datel are happy and confident with the system, will your Project Sponsor give the go-ahead to go live with your system.

Congratulations! Your new Sage system is ready to go.

  • Supporting your new system

Once the implementation has been signed off, and you’re up and running and happy with your new system, your project will remain in the hands of your Project Manager for one month before being formally handed over to our Support team and your new Account Manager!

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