The Customer Journey at Datel - Stage 3: Support

The Customer Journey at Datel - Stage 3: Support

Completing your journey

The road to successful ERP implementation with Datel is a journey with three main stages: Discovery, Implementation, and Support.

Learn more below about the final stage of your journey: Support.

Read a re-cap of the Discovery stage and Implementation stage.

  • Supporting you in using the system

You will be assigned an Account Manager from our team, consisting of verified experts in various Sage solutions.

Your Account Manager is someone you will come to rely upon and trust. They will keep you abreast of the latest versions from Sage and keep you updated on new products and explain how they could help you achieve your business goals.

You will be able to contact your Account Manager via email or phone, to ensure that you have an open and direct line of communication with them at all times.

  • Support handover

Once live, your system will be handed over to our award-winning Support department. The team is made up of experts in Sage, Fusion, and third-party products.

To enable you to log tickets with Support, you will be provided with your own login to access the web platform. The team will update you at every stage of the ticket, and always ensure that you’re satisfied with the solution we’ve provided.

You will also receive your own login to the Customer Portal, which gives you access to system help sheets and videos, live support statistics and feedback, and details of upcoming events.

  • Solution and product development

Over the years, Datel has invested heavily in our own research and development department. This is in direct response to working with our customers incredibly closely, collaborating with them to identify common business problems and create solutions.

Our in-house R&D department keeps abreast of the latest developments in technology, and understand their relevance to our Sage customers. We are able to constantly create additional products to complement and enhance your Sage software; this expanding range of products forms Datel’s Fusion suite, available for implementation into your new Sage solution.

Datel also regularly hosts Collaboration Network events, with a focus on a specific topic at each event. Bringing businesses together in this way allows us to listen, share and discuss best practice and business challenges, and give you input into our future technology.

  • Journeying into the future

Datel’s Managed Services provides you with a direct line to an expert in your specific Sage system. This can take off your hands tasks such as system administration, backup checking, user management and report writing.

Now, whenever you contact Datel with a query, you will be directed to a professional in Managed Services with in-depth knowledge of your specific Sage set-up.

Discover more about the three stages in Datel’s customer journey.

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