VinumTerra implements Datel’s Sage 200 mobile app: Fusion Go!

VinumTerra implements Datel’s Sage 200 mobile app: Fusion Go!

17th August 2016

VinumTerra are trade-only wine merchants, specialising in the import and distribution of a portfolio of wines from around the world since 1991. The business currently represents 85 estates and 267 wines to wholesalers and retailers from its bases in London and Edinburgh.

VinumTerra’s producers are mainly small to medium-sized estates, frequently owned and run by the same families for generations, and the business prides itself in frequently being the only importer of these wines to the UK.

Since opening its doors 25 years ago, VinumTerra’s speciality has been the wines of Italy. Recently, however, the business extended its European reach and is now working with a unique range of vineyards that offer more diversity to the new international range, creating about 25 different wine lists from all around the world.

Angelo Cane, Managing Director at VinumTerra, discusses the business’ recent decision to expand its reach: “It was in September last year that we started to see just how much VinumTerra had grown in recent years. Our customer base had expanded significantly, covering international restaurants, hotels and gastro pubs, with a client portfolio of over 250 organisations – including British Airways and M&S.

“To accommodate the diverse needs of our growing customer base, and continue to provide the unique wines VinumTerra had become so renowned for, we realised that it was time to expand from strictly Italian products and offer a more varied range of international wines to customers. We have already introduced a selection of new wines from different countries, and our commitment for the next few years is to continue to expand this.

“However, for this to be possible, it’s essential that we have the right systems and processes in place to enable us to successfully store, market and sell these new products.”

VinumTerra has been a customer of Datel’s for some time now, using Sage 200, implemented and supported by Datel’s Sage 200 consultants, to manage the core business processes and products.

“As VinumTerra is growing and we are diversifying our product portfolio, we are always on the lookout for ways to make our internal processes and tasks more efficient,” Angelo continues. “Particularly, we were starting to realise that there was room for improvement in the availability of up-to-date information on stock, credit control and account details when visiting our customers.

“If we are attending a meeting – for example, on a customer’s own site – we would need to log in and access the server from a laptop in order to bring up their account information. But, in terms of locating and signing into the VPN, this was quite a time-consuming exercise, and wasn’t always entirely reliable. The data we would be referencing was also potentially out of date, so the lack of real-time updates was also an issue for us.

“So, when we were invited by Datel to attend one of their Collaboration Network events last year specifically to discuss the topic of mobility and Sage solutions, we took the opportunity to have a discussion with them about the experiences we were having.”

Datel’s Collaboration Network is a series of networking events that give Datel’s customers and non-customers alike the opportunity to meet and interact with likeminded businesses, with a focus on a specific topic at each event. The events help to give Datel’s team the opportunity to gain insight into customers’ needs, and offer the chance to have input on future technology at Datel.

“The event involved a discussion between several of Datel’s customers – including us – as well as members of Datel’s Research and Development team,” Angelo explains. “As users of Sage 200’s software day-to-day, we were asked to give our own opinions and thoughts on how the mobility of the software could be improved, and the types of features we would be looking for from a Sage 200 mobile app.”

Angelo provided his ideas to Datel during the session, which was soon after followed by a visit from Datel on site to VinumTerra in order to begin building and mapping out the subsequent app.

“The process of building the app was really quite fast, and Datel’s team worked quickly to create a functional version of a Sage 200 mobile app for us to use, test, and provide feedback on,” Angelo explains. “We began using the as-then-unnamed app day-to-day, and immediately found that it was incredibly useful to us.

“I am a salesman myself, so I know exactly the problems our sales team faces when visiting customers on-site, so it was very beneficial to communicate with Datel directly to provide feedback while we trialled the app.”

The finished app was implemented across VinumTerra in May, and named ‘Fusion: Go!’ The app serves as a key addition to Datel’s growing Fusion product range, designed to make life easier for businesses using Sage’s business management software by giving users access to essential data about the customer base, business prospects and product range, with up-to-the-minute accuracy on an international scale.

This specially-designed app enables more efficient, streamlined and secure access to the data held in businesses' Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, empowering sales staff and key players to make decisions on the move.

“Personally, I’m very happy with the app,” Angelo concludes. “With Fusion Go!, now all we need is 4G or a WiFi connection and we’re good to go. We are experiencing significant benefit from the app; when we visit customers on-site, our team and customers can quickly and easily see what is available to buy from us, at which price, and their current situation with credit control. Fusion Go! really is a big help to VinumTerra’s growth plans in coming years.”

For Datel, Sales Director Andrew Pritchard comments: “Fusion Go! is the direct result of Datel’s continued commitment to collaborating with our customers and businesses of all sizes and industries to create purpose-built solutions that combat real problems. We’re very pleased that Angelo and his sales team is finding the new mobile app so useful day-to-day, and that it’s providing the visibility, speed and ease needed to propel the business’ growth forward.”

“We are experiencing significant benefit from the app; when we visit customers on-site, our team and customers can quickly and easily see what is available to buy from us, at which price, and their current situation with credit control. Fusion Go! really is a big help to VinumTerra’s growth plans in coming years.”

Angelo Cane, Managing Director, VinumTerra