What to consider when looking at an ERP project as a manufacturer

What to consider when looking at an ERP project as a manufacturer

Oliver Burr, New Business Consultant at Datel, looks at what manufacturers need to consider when starting an ERP project...

As 2015 comes to an end and we look ahead to 2016, many manufacturers will be hoping that the positives of 2015 continue and the industry continues to present growth both in domestic markets and in exports.

As manufacturing remains a fiercely competitive environment, businesses who harness the power of technology can stay ahead of the competition and concentrate on growth. If you are considering starting an ERP project in the new year, it’s vital that you define your objectives for the project from the outset and think about your long term plans for the business.

Typical project objectives for manufacturing businesses include:

  • Managing the factory floor more effectively

  • Improving response times through collaboration

  • Streamlining decision making

  • Addressing quality control and traceability

  • Integrating production schedule management.

Once you have defined your project objectives, you can look to a reseller such as Datel to advise on the best way of achieving them with an ERP solution. Eliminating time-consuming paper-based processes, increasing automation, creating a joined-up business, improving forecasting and planning, anticipating customer demand, generating real-time management information - these are all ways in which manufacturers can sharpen their competitive edge at home and abroad.

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Datel’s Sage experts are always happy to take your call and have an informal chat about how the solution could help your manufacturing business.