X3 Happening: Sage X3, Sage Business Cloud, and Datel customer success

Datel Executive Chairman Alan Simpson reflects on X3 Happening, the newly-named Sage X3 and Datel's customer success stories.

On March 22nd, over 65 delegates from businesses throughout the UK were welcomed to the 24th floor of The Shard for X3 Happening - a Datel event dedicated to helping those businesses discover how they can get more from their ERP systems.

“It was a beautiful day in the city of London, as seen from The Shard. It’s quite the venue, and quite the view for X3 Happening,” says Alan, who launched the event. “The room was packed with Datel customers wanting to learn more about the future of Sage X3.

“For some of those customers, that means moving to Sage X3 as their business grows, while for others it means expanding their Sage X3 implementation across more of their business.”

Bringing together businesses at different stages of their ERP journey is vital, according to Alan, as it gives them the opportunity to share their ERP experience, “Delegates enjoy networking with like-minded businesses who are looking to drive process improvement. It’s a really unique opportunity for them to learn how other businesses use their systems.”

A new name, a new way of looking at Sage

To communicate the benefits of a new or expanded system implementation, Datel executives delivered a series of seminars in which they shared their experience and expertise - launched by Alan himself, “Starting with an exploration of Sage X3’s recent name change to Sage Enterprise Management was important,” he says.

“It’s at the heart of the newly launched Sage Business Cloud, where Sage is bringing together its products for business, people, payroll and payment. It’s also delivering advancements in technology such, as bots and AI.

“That name change represents the fact that enterprise management is part of a broader range of capabilities offered by Sage.”

Sage’s presence at X3 Happening was led by Alain Lang, Managing Director of Sage UK and Ireland. He emphasised the importance of Sage Business Cloud, which will spearhead the company’s strategy as a true leader in technology. He also confirmed Sage’s commitment to working with partners such as Datel, their largest partner in the UK.

Alan Laing also reaffirmed Sage’s ‘customers for life’ strategy, highlighting that Sage will continue to support its broad range of solutions, leaving the customer to decide when they want to upgrade to Sage X3.

“That customer-for-life strategy is one of the reasons we work so well with Sage,” says Alan Simpson of Sage and Datel’s long-standing relationship. “It’s a philosophy we also follow at Datel, as we believe fully understanding our customers’ businesses allows us to help guide their growth for years to come.”

Success with Sage - a customer’s perspective

“Customer presentations were a particular highlight for me,” remembers Alan. “One of our customers, Anpario, explained the company couldn’t have supported their exceptional growth and worldwide expansion without Sage X3.”

Anpario’s story effectively speaks to the strengths of Sage X3, according to Alan, with its multi-currency, multi-legislation functionality designed for international, multi-site deployment, “It really is a system built to improve processes and connect people, regardless of where they are.”

West & Senior, a long-standing customer of Datel, are currently migrating from Sage 1000 to Sage X3. Based in Manchester, the manufacturing company explained their reasons for upgrading - specifically, how Sage X3 supports their entire business, from sales through to production and despatch.

"They spoke about how useful Datel's consultation proved to be during that process," Alan recollects. "It really helped them to understand the benefits of Sage X3, and when the upgrade to that system would best suit their business."

Side by side with Sage

Industry experts from Sage, Datel and its partners delivered a series of presentations. Sage’s X3 Product Manager, Fabrice Alonso, presented the development road map for Sage X3, now enterprise management.

Topics presented by Datel included the importance of continuous business improvement driven by a phased implementation of Sage X3, and the business benefits of eliminating time-consuming manual processes, as Alan explains, “Our message was about maximising the investment in your Sage system, which can yield dividends in saved time and human resources for businesses.”

For both audiences, the central theme was the same: maximising the business benefits of a Sage system implementation.

“Connecting people was another central theme of the event,” says Alan, “We wanted to bring system users together with those looking into adopting a new system. It was also a way of connecting customers and executives from Sage and Datel.

“In the evening, customers joined us for a dinner cruise on the Thames. There was a real buzz and warmth - a really fitting end to a great day.”