When does ambition stop being a dream?

Our customers are some of the most ambitious people we’ve ever met. Today we meet Jupiter Group, Boodles and GM Coachwork, and hear about what ambition means to them, but most importantly – how they’ve turned their ambitions into achievements.

If you would like to understand how business technology can support your goals and help you to achieve them that little bit quicker, Datel could help.  Book a free Ambition Workshop and we can listen to where you would like your business to go and share how we can support you getting there. Book your free workshop today or call 0800 0775 888.


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Follow in the agile footsteps of industry leaders

Feel like you’re constantly being pulled in all directions? It can be a huge challenge to be as efficient and productive as possible when there’s so many demands on your time.

With numerous issues constantly needing to be solved, there’s never any time to focus on delivering the strategy to grow your business.

You really need to be smarter with your time to drive business change. But how do you step away from operational roles and focus on key tasks to keep your business moving faster than your competition?

The ‘Get back wasted time: Executive strategies to grow your business’ report from Sage and IDG Communications reveals just that. Follow the steps to identify your problem areas, determine your business priorities and discover how to get your time back to focus on achieving your business ambitions.