Managing expenses has never been so easy

Meet Certify, our new partner that has been delivering simple yet powerful end-to-end expense management solutions since 2008.

Certify share our customer-first approach to helping businesses achieve their ambitions through the innovative use of technology. In doing so, Certify has become one of the most significant vendors in the industry, with a 98% retention rate.

This is due in part to their free support for every user, their unbeatable uptime, and a dedicated team of proactive business consultants that ensure every customer’s success.

To learn more about Certify and how their solutions can help you automate expense management, browse their product brochure today.

Your finance team will particularly appreciate the built-in compliance and reporting tools that bring back precious time in the day.

To learn more about Certify, speak to your Datel Account Manager.

certify product brochure