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Better budgeting and planning for product centric organisations in 2021

Wednesday 21st October, 10.15am 

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Product-centric and manufacturing organisations have not experienced such volatile change since the industrial revolution, and back then, it was change diluted over many years. In 2020 that change has been experienced in 6 months (so far....).

Some sectors have been lucky enough to see unprecedented demand, others have seen product lines decline and many businesses have pivoted production into totally new areas. What is apparent is that all businesses have had to re-plan for a different outcome than they had imagined at the start of the year.

In this session Datel’s Geoff Green and Prophix’s James Hanson will explore how a corporate performance management solution can help product-centric organisations navigate such volatility. With the goal being to build a world-class planning environment that intelligently connects business financial performance with product/manufacturing demand to provide one single source of the truth.

We will cover how to streamline:

  • Financial planning and reporting
  • Revenue and demand planning
  • Agile supply/demand variance analysis
  • People and resource planning, including shift management and capacity planning

And how all this can seamlessly integrate into budgets, income statements and your balance sheet. Plus, we’ll look at scenario planning to predict and track performance against different forecasted models.

Suitable for: Sage X3, Sage 200 and Sage 1000 users

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Geoff Green

Account Manager at Datel

James Hanson

VP of Business Development at Prophix