Building a migration strategy

Knowing when and how to move from your current solution to a more feature rich and complex business management platform can be a challenge. This on-demand demo with Datel’s Simon Nichols and John Hesketh will discuss internal and external factors to look at and will guide you through what’s involved in Datel’s approach to successfully migrate you from your current Sage solution to Sage X3.

Research shows that the role of the CFO is changing, compliance and legislation demands are putting pressure on businesses and uncertainty caused by the current climate adds additional pressure to your business systems, communication and decision making. That coupled with internal pressure to improve insight, expand operations and increase productivity is leading businesses to look at moving from their current Sage 200 or Sage 1000 solution to keep up with competitors and maximise returns. 

In this demo, we explore these internal and external factors and how they form part of building a migration strategy. We also focus on what makes a migration with Datel successful including our knowledge and history with Sage 200 and Sage 1000, our approach to migration projects, and our tried and tested implementation methodology. We also share examples of where businesses have made the move successfully and what benefits they have found.

Hosted by

Simon Nichols

Account Development Manager at Datel

John Hesketh

Pre Sales Consultant at Datel