Credit control made easy 

At a time when your credit control function is more important than ever before, join Datel’s Emma Lee and Draycir’s Richard Haywood to see how you can automate many of your day-to-day credit control processes. 

Credit Hound provides seamless integration with your Sage accounting package to reduce the administrative burden of reactive payment chasing, freeing your people to focus on taking a more proactive approach. Key features of Credit Hound for Sage include:

  • Increased efficiency by automating your repetitive day-to-day tasks such as reminder letters, freezing overdue accounts, and adding to-do items. 

  • Enhanced communication and record-keeping with dispute management. Having 100% confidence in your invoice, query, and dispute records is essential to achieve true credit control efficiency. Draycir Credit Hound for Sage gives you a single source for all your data.

  • Consolidated tasks with to-do lists. Keep on top of everything you need to do and quickly get to grips with the background of each case. You can also reassign tasks to other colleagues and gain the benefit of an intuitive calendar view.

  • Complete oversight with comprehensive reporting and interactive lists. Whatever your needs, Credit Hound for Sage enables you to quickly filter the right information you require to create detailed reports for everything from aged debt to ongoing disputes. 


About Draycir

Draycir is the UK’s leading Sage ISV, creating document management and credit control software. The software provides practical solutions to real problems in businesses and helps to reduce their environmental impact, cut costs and bad debt, whilsts improving cash flow.

Its multi award-winning software Spindle Document Management and Credit Hound are used by small and medium-sized businesses, as well as public sector organisations, enabling them to trade intelligently.