Discover a better way to manage expenses

Cost management is the main concern for finance teams in current times. Employee expenses are a notoriously difficult operating cost to effectively manage, and they can severely decrease the finance team’s visibility of spend as well as hinder employee productivity.

Online expense management solutions can help control and reduce costs and provide finance teams with rich analytics and visibility into their spend. They enable businesses to:

  • Enhance the productivity of remote workers

  • Streamline processes

  • Improve company financial performance

In this on-demand demo, Paul Crawley from Certify and Tony Coombes from Datel look at how an expense management and reporting solution can empower employees and transform time-consuming, manual expense tasks into an easier, streamlined experience.

Learn how analytics and insights from trends can directly improve your overall T&E process and how other businesses are embracing these solutions and emerging trends. Watch this demo to find out how your organisation could:

1. Eliminate paper-based expense approval processes

2. Reimburse staff out-of-pocket expenses quickly and efficiently

3. Analyse company spend and enforce compliance


About Certify

Certify offers help to finance teams all around the world, including Datel and Sage. It helps to transform expense management by motivating employees to complete expenses on time, in order to focus on more important and productive work.