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Emerging from lockdown - A guide for businesses

Thursday 21st May, 10:15am - 11:15am

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Datel’s Emma Pownall is joined by futurist Matt O’Neill to discuss the effect that Covid-19 has and will have on businesses as we emerge from lockdown. 

Matt will look at how you can adapt, plan to return to a physical workplace and utilise technology to support collaborative work. Hear a futurist perspective on topics such as s how to behave more like start-ups to adapt and stay relevant, move from solution to insight selling to maintain relationships and lead effectively with a virtual team.

Matt is an expert in helping businesses to prepare and create a positive future for their organisations. In this 20-minute taster-session*, he will cover seven distinct topics:

1. Understanding how the new normal could evolve - Get a sense of how the stages could play out, enabling some forward planning.

2. Road-mapping a return to the physical workplace - Gain insights into a major retailer is planning to open up across the board.

3. Near horizons technologies to amplify remote team working - See how Virtual Reality is evolving to support collaborative work.

4. Digital transformation - Why securing your business management systems will be more critical than ever

5. How large firms are behaving like start-ups - Gain insight into 'assumption reversal' techniques; helping you see the business in completely new ways.

6. From 'Solution' to 'Insight' Selling - Hear five ways account managers can build and maintain virtual relationships for the long haul.

7. Leadership in the new normal - Understand why trust building is different with virtual teams and three ways to build and instil it.

Join Matt and Emma to aid your thinking on how to move to the next phase of business leadership and management during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Suitable for: All business leaders, business owners and senior-management teams.

*Taster session drawn from a suite of virtual presentations/workshops to help businesses create their new normal.


Matt O'Neill


Matt has spent his career at the cutting edge of media and communications technology and is now on a mission to help organisations define and manage their positive futures in an uncertain and unpredictable world.

He pioneered commercial webcasting when most people were still on dial-up internet connections, and has developed a range of creative products - including the ‘Hybrid book’, a fusion of electronic display and print – at a time when businesses have found it progressively harder to engage meaningfully with their audiences.

Today he brings his understanding of the technology horizon and communications to organisations as a futurist, a trusted advisor on applying innovative business models, IT and emerging social trends to commercial environments worldwide.

Clients include Accor, Anglo American, Avis Budget, Capita, Dialog Semiconductors, Kier Construction, National Grid, Sage Software, Virgin Media and many others.

Emma Pownall

Marketing Director at Datel

Emma and her team provide our customers with a range of events, guides and tools that bridge the gap between the people and the technology.  From large conferences focused on connecting customers with each other and the software world, to sharing customer stories that explain what is possible with the right business solutions, their focus is on showcasing business success.