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Ensure data consistency and automation of your financials

Tuesday 5th May, 10:15am

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Datel’s Lucinda Millen and ZAP’s Salam Al-Mosawi will be taking a look at how you can use data to manage your assets, liabilities and risks, create and maintain financials metrics and benchmarks for all areas of your business and effectively communicate your financial position from executive to operational level with the right insights gained.

Join Datel and ZAP to look at the business benefits of SD&A (Sage Data & Analytics). This software - Sage's own edition of ZAP's ZAP Data Hub - automatically unifies all your business data into a central, governed hub and delivers rapid reporting and analytics. By "all your business data", we’re not just talking Sage X3. We'll talk through SD&A's connectors for more than 50 popular data sources, from ERP to CRM to HRM, finance, cloud, marketing systems and more.

And deep dive into use cases from all industry sectors where companies have saved in time and money not only by accessing and integrating their data with SD&A, but also from using its ready-made, customisable dashboards. They’re available for all business functions - finance, sales, manufacturing and more - and can either be used within the software itself or added to your existing BI tool, for example Power BI or Tableau.

This webinar will discuss: 

  • The current challenges and spotting opportunities to adjust

  • How to Promote Unity with Collaborative Processes

  • Ways to Prepare your business by using what-if scenario planning

  • Financial implications that could disrupt your cash position

Suitable for: Sage X3 and Sage 1000 users 

About ZAP Data Hub

Zap Data Hub is used across a number of industries, from mid-size businesses to Fortune 500 organisations. Flagship customers include Aston Martin, Costa Coffee, SANIFLO, and Tarmac.