Sage Intacct update seminar

April, 2023

Toby Andrews, Customer Success Manager, recently hosted the second Sage Intacct update seminar of 2023. In this session, Toby discussed Customer Success Plans and how building one with us can add value to our partnership. 

The session also included:

  • A Q&A with Datel’s R&D Director Tim Purcell - Tim has worked with Sage solutions for over 20 years and his team is now focusing their attention on Sage Intacct. From integration capabilities to additional solutions that make your team more productive and efficient, Datel’s R&D team keeps an eye on the future whilst delivering value today - so you don’t have to.

  • A discussion with Sage’s Chief Marketing Officer Cath Keers - Emma Pownall  spoke with Cath about how the partnership with Datel and Sage can better serve your business and help you to realise your potential. They also discussed the importance of Customer Success Plans and how booking an initial meeting with your Customer Success Manager could win you tickets to The Hundred this summer

  • Dashboards: The power beyond financial reporting - Datel’s John Hesketh showed us how to utilise Sage Intacct’s dashboards to add more value to your team. This demo will help you to gain practical advice on how currently available dashboards can work harder for you day to day. 

Hosted by:

Toby Andrews

Customer Success Manager

Tim Purcell

R&D Director

Watch the recording:

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