The power of Nectari for Sage 200 users

In recent and uncertain times, business leaders have been challenged with making meaningful business decisions. Companies have been put to the test as individuals and teams have required real-time information about the health of their operations at multiple levels to find a path forward. 

What’s clear is the uncertainty around us isn’t going away any time soon. But what can support decision making at every level is having the tools to access knowledge and understanding to direct everything from strategy and innovation to day to day decisions at an operational level.

At Datel, we have partnered with Tangerine Software to bring Sage 200 users a reporting and analytics platform that has been utilised by our Sage X3 customers for over 10 years. Nectari (aka Sage Enterprise Intelligence) can now bring insight and knowledge to businesses with Sage 200 at the core of their operations. 

In the on-demand demo above, Paolo Arcangelo, Sage X3 Services Director, John Hesketh, Pre Sales Consultant, and Gareth Marks from Tangerine Software demonstrate how Nectari can form part of your BI, reporting, and analytics strategy.

Watch the demo to discover how:

  • You can continue to work in Excel with real-time data
  • Decision-makers across the business can access what they need easily
  • Pre-set data models provide insight into performance and profitability
  • Nectari builds collaboration between decision-makers
  • You can consolidate data from multiple systems

Hosted by

Paolo Arcangelo

Sage X3 Services Director at Datel

John Hesketh 

Pre Sales Consultant at Datel

Gareth Marks

Director of Business Development at Tangerine Software