Transform data reporting into true business intelligence with SEI

Tune in to this on-demand recording to hear how our customers are making the most out of Sage Enterprise Intelligence to see benefits across their entire businesses. 

Datel's Geoff Green and Paolo Arcangelo are joined by Tangerine Software's Gareth Marks to demonstrate the latest version of SEI: The robust tool designed to meet your needs whilst helping you to work more efficiently. With its wealth of functionality, this complete data management solution is set to transform reporting into true business intelligence.

This demo highlights;

  • How you can use data from multiple sources using the Universal Data Model within Sage SEI
  • How to synchronise, consolidate, migrate and export data using SEI
  • How to simplify the data conversion process from legacy ERP systems
  • How to report on real-time data using mobile, excel and web
  • How you can empower users using self-service

Hosted by

Geoff Green

Enterprise Account Manager at Datel

Paolo Arcangelo

Services Director - Enterprise Management at Datel

Gareth Marks

Director of Business Development at Tangerine Software