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Transform insight with Sage Enterprise Intelligence v9 for Sage X3

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This Ignite Live seminar session will showcase how you can benefit from an unbelievable wealth of new functionality in the free-of-charge latest version of Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI).

Datel’s Paolo Arcangelo and software author Tangerine Software’s Gareth Marks will share with you the latest trends in business intelligence, how they are incorporated within SEI v9 and how they can be utilised to access the knowledge and customer insight as it happens within your business - a key requirement for businesses looking to flex, change, innovate and find new ways forward in the most challenging of times.

We work with over 100 Sage X3 customer and virtually all of you have Sage Enterprise Intelligence with the ‘Excel add in’ feature providing simple access to all your Sage X3 data in the familiar and simple to use interface of Excel.

The latest version of SEI provides a whole wealth of functionality that transforms data reporting into true business intelligence. Upgrading to this version will bring:

  • One central data hub for all data sources in your business, not just Sage X3 data.
  • Universal data models for finance, sales, inventory and CRM.
  • Automatic distribution of reports and analytics throughout your organisation.
  • In addition to the much-loved Excel add in, v9 provides worksheets, charts, reports and dashboards.
  • Assistance to control financial budgets and forecasts together with sales forecasts.

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SEI V9 is provided free of charge within your support agreement and if you need our help we can provide a few chargeable days to perform the upgrade for you.

For more information take a look at a blog post from Paolo Arcangelo on the top BI trends now included in SEI v9 and how they can support you.

“I see time and time again that many of you that adopted the technology at initial implementation of Sage X3, put in place the basic reporting functions and do not harness the full power available to you within SEI. Business Intelligence in 2020 is more than just reporting and analytics. With the age of big data, Industry 4.0, data visualisation and cloud technology, the applications to support decision making have evolved and deliver more and more insight to you.”


Paolo Arcangelo

Sage X3 Services Director at Datel

Gareth Marks

Director of Business Development at Tangerine Software

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