Transform real-time business notifications powered by Fusion Notify 

Want better visibility across your business so you can see what's happening, when it’s happening?  

With many workforces continuing to operate remotelyfull visibility across your organisation is more important than ever.  

Fusion Notify can help you to make better, more timely decisions based on real-time data in your Sage system. In this on-demand demo, learn how you can;

  • Eliminate manual reports with help from instant notifications
  • Gain visibility across your organisation to help with response times for better decision-making
  • Be proactive rather than reactive to changes within your business thanks to the right notifications
  • Improve security with content change detection and notification (Bank details)
  • Improve better visibility on cash received
  • Improve customer service in order acknowledgments, despatch information, shipment, and tracking details
  • Improve supplier relationships
  • Generate files easily that could export transaction details

Hosted by

Tony Coombes

Tony Coombes

 Account Manager at Datel

Steve Crosby

Steve Crosby

Pre Sales Consultant at Datel

About Fusion

Datel's Fusion range of products has been developed to work with your core Sage solution to bring the power of your system even closer in line with your business needs. Headed up by R&D Director Tim Purcell, Datel's R&D team invests time into understanding emerging technologies and how they apply to business technology and listens to our customers and their software needs. From process automation to quick and easy data entry, we actively seek user feedback and deliver new additions to streamline your business processes.