Understanding inventory risk as it applies to your stocking strategy in the new world

This on-demand demo explores how to develop a stocking strategy considering sources of inventory risks and risk multipliers in building an inventory model. This essentially balances the investment required to deliver your desired service level.

Sage Inventory Advisor is a cloud-based application that connects to Sage business platforms and offers the following functionality:

  • Statistical forecasting based on your sales history and finds the best fit algorithm for each item in each location

  • Advanced Pareto classification to help focus on the important items

  • Dynamic safety stock setting factoring in the desired service level, lead time and analysis on supply and demand risk

  • Recommended replenishment orders in line with the inventory strategy that can be imported into the business platform

  • Dashboard of KPI’s and items that require urgent attention

  • Projected inventory balances and requirements for the next 12 months

Hosted by

Lucinda Millen

Account Manager at Datel

Tony Sinton

CEO at Netstock

Dave Walton

General Manager at Netstock

About Netstock

Netstock is a global business with 1600 customers and 14K users managing and optimising over £8 Billion of inventory. During the pandemic we are experiencing unprecedented interest and growth because of our digital delivery and our supply chain performance.