Using data to drive business decisions

Currently your business leaders need to understand what is happening in your business on a daily, if not hourly basis with the added challenge of working remotely from their teams.

In this on-demand demo, Datel’s Marianne Morrice and Panintelligence’s Ian Devers look at how this is only half the story; leaders also need to know why it’s happening, what is likely to happen next, and use this insight to drive fast-paced decision making.

About Panintelligence

Panintelligence is an award-winning provider of self-service Business Intelligence software. Businesses can view any Sage data as well as third party data from any business area in one location giving them a multi-dimensional view of their business. The Panintelligence dashboard visually displays actionable information in real-time and on any device. It enables users to drill down into different data sets comparatively or by exception, so that they can take better informed decisions, make timely interventions and focus on key business drivers.