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Work faster and more efficiently with Fusion Automation 

Thursday 24th June, 14:15pm

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The main aim of business transformation is to make changes to processes, people, or systems (technology) to better align your company with your business strategy and vision. Remaining focused on this strategy is key to moving your business forward.  

Introducing Fusion Automation; Fusion Automation is part of the Datel Fusion suite of products, designed to integrate with and work alongside Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000. Fusion Automation is a powerful tool for automating frequently used and time-consuming tasks in Sage.  

In this Ignite Live session, our experts will demonstrate how Fusion Automation will save you administrative time, how to automate repetitive tasks in your Sage solution, and free up time to focus on business growth.  

In detail this session will cover;  

  • Automating the Purchase Order print process. 
  • Automating the MRP process and MRP examples. 
  • How to avoid running manual month-end reports. 
  • How our existing customers are using Fusion Automation. 
  • How Fusion Automation will help to manage complex processes in your business. 

Suitable for: Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000 users

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Melissa Barnes

Melissa Barnes

 Account Manager at Datel

Steve Crosby

Steve Crosby

Pre Sales Consultant at Datel

About Fusion

Datel's Fusion range of products has been developed to work with your core Sage solution to bring the power of your system even closer in line with your business needs. Headed up by R&D Director Tim Purcell, Datel's R&D team invests time into understanding emerging technologies and how they apply to business technology and listens to our customers and their software needs. From process automation to quick and easy data entry, we actively seek user feedback and deliver new additions to streamline your business processes.