The CFO guide to digitalisation in the care home sector

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Introduction to guide:

The care home sector is at a crucial inflection point. Whether you run one of the UK’s many independent operations, or a group of significant size and scale, the pressures have never been greater.

  • The integration of health and social care, promised for so long, is at last becoming a reality, and requires truly “joined up care”.

  • The pandemic and other supply chain challenges (both for equipment and talent) has upended any predictability in the cost base, putting new pressures on CFOs.

  • And at the same time, up to 70% of care homes still rely on paper-based manual processes which make compliance challenging and waste time which could be spent on more productive activities.

The good news is, technology not only has the answer to many of today’s challenges; but every time you take a digital approach to a problem, it will yield further benefits on a journey towards transformed care.

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This guide covers:

  • The CFO challenge

  • Towards a digital future

  • Build the case for change

  • Get to know data like you know money

  • Making a digital transformation work

  • Developing the right solution