ERP Diagnosis App

Build a business case for your ERP solution

Your business case matters. It’s a justification for implementing an ERP solution that evaluates the benefits and costs for your business.


But knowing where to start in compiling that business case isn’t always so simple. To bring clarity to that process, we’ve developed the ERP Diagnosis App to produce a custom business case for your organisation.


Get the ERP Diagnosis App from the iOS App Store or use it online at


Download the ERP Diagnosis App

How to create a business case

The app is available for iPhones and iPads and allows you to:

  • Consider the common issues found in eight key areas of your business
  • Rate your own business processes
  • Create a tailored PDF document which highlights your business issues, suggested remedies and ROI calculator
  • Share your business case document via email

There are eight departments and each department lists major issues that have been identified as key drivers to purchase an ERP solution.

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