5 ways your business can use Fusion Excel Connect

Reaching your business goals can often begin simply by improving the way your team deliver the smallest of tasks. 

If you are looking to build efficiency in your Sage connected processes, Fusion Excel Connect could provide the answer. Its ease of use within Excel provides quick user adoption and saves time when entering or manipulating large amounts of data.

Find out how businesses are using Fusion Excel Connect to grow efficiency and maximise on time, allowing their teams to focus on tasks that contribute to moving their business forward.

Download our eBook - to discover 5 ways your business can use Fusion Excel Connect to:

  1. Upload transactions on mass (rather than one-by-one)
  2. Enter and allocate payments to invoices from Amazon or eBay
  3. Manipulate product and stock data
  4. Manage expenses in Sage
  5. Keep exchange rate data up to date