ERP Advice Guide

ERP Advice Guide: Is it time to move to a business management solution?

Taking the leap and investing in a complete business management solution can seem a daunting next step for a business scaling up, building efficiencies and looking for insight. This guide is designed to help you identify a technology strategy to suit your business goals.

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Introduction to guide:

"What challenges do you face in your business?

When you were a smaller business you probably pulled your business management together with spreadsheets and isolated applications for accounting, customer service and marketing. As you scale up and have a larger workforce, complexity could become more common and bringing all your data, processes and people together can be hard to manage.

That’s where business management solutions start to become part of technology strategies to support business goals. Introducing a system that covers accounting and finance, sales, customer service, and operations such as stock control, production and distribution - can be the first step to building efficiencies and productivity as you scale.

The business management tools available, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, can be daunting to navigate if you're not sure what you are looking for. This helpful guide is designed to walk you through the selection process and highlights areas to think about as you move towards defining the technology that's right for you."

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This guide covers:

  • Facing your business challenges

  • The starting point - Building a case for change

  • The discovery phase - Defining your requirements

  • Identify the right solution - Researching potential products

  • Choosing a business partner - To help you achieve your goals