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ERP Advice Guide: How to align your technology strategy with your business strategy

As your business evolves, does your technology keep up? Use this guide to carry out a health check and understand if your current business technology is aligned with your goals and ambitions. 

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Introduction to guide:

"What problems does your business face?

Aligning your technology strategy with your business strategy and having the right business systems in place to support it can unlock a wealth of productivity, efficiency and process improvement. But how do you get there?

Across any business there will be elements that are great and elements of weakness and if your current ERP or business system is not fit for purpose, this could be an area that is holding you back from achieving your strategic goals. Process inefficiencies, silos of data, multiple systems that don’t join up and legacy ways of working are often found to be slowing businesses down and the out of date technology can be at the heart of the problem.

This guide will help you to understand where you are at today and how you can move to a better technology strategy to meet your needs now and as your business evolves. The first point is to look at where your business is today, what challenges you are facing and if your current technology is holding you back. From there, considering a single technology strategy with a core enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that removes duplication, brings every area of your business together and flexes as your business progresses could bring the technology strategy to reach your goals. It's then about selecting the solution that is right for you."

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This guide covers:

  • Identifying the problems your business faces

  • Six signs that your current systems are holding you back

  • Making the change to a new technology strategy

  • Identifying potential products

  • Choosing a business partner to help you achieve your goals

  • Making a success of your business solution upgrade