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Whether you’re looking to replace an existing business management system or you're implementing one for the first time, Datel’s ERP experts have poured their knowledge into a series of guides, whitepapers and blog posts to help you ensure project success with the best solution for your business.

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Health check: Is it time to replace your business solutions?

As your business and market evolve, can your technology keep up? Carry out a health check to see whether it’s time to upgrade, and discover the first steps to choosing its replacement.

  • Use our 7-point guide to check the health of your business solutions.
  • Identify key areas that can cause expense, delay and missed opportunities.
  • Gain advice on the process of researching a new solution from defining your requirement and selecting potential suppliers to choosing a reseller.
  • Understand the pros and cons of cloud vs on-premise.

Eliminating the human glue: Is it time to implement business solutions?

Spreadsheets and isolated software can only get you so far. As your business grows, you need to remove the human intervention that binds processes together, and establish solutions that can be a true foundation for growth.

Business solutions offer the answer.  They provide a single system that covers the essential functions at the heart of your business including finance, human resources, customer service and sales. 

Our guide to selecting your first business solution will help you to:

  • Define your requirements.
  • Identify potential suppliers.
  • Look at cloud vs on-premise advantages and disadvantages.
  • Avoid pitfalls when implementing a new solution.

Find out how to build a business case