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On demand seminars that focus on key areas of business technology to help leaders in various environments build for the future.

With the particular challenges facing us recently, your business technology may need to be refined or extended to include areas such as credit control, cash management, and financial planning. Automation of processes and better insight could enable better decision making at a time when we are dealing with rapid change.

To help you to understand what is available, Datel is continuing to host a series of live seminar sessions which are available on demand. Just select the topic you are interested in and click 'Watch the recording' to hear from our Sage experts and trusted partners.

Planning for the future

  • Emerging from lockdown – A guide for businesses

Datel’s Emma Pownall is joined by futurist Matt O’Neill to discuss the effects that Covid-19 has and will have on businesses as we emerge from lockdown. Matt will look at how you can adapt, plan to return to a physical workplace and utilise technology to support collaborative work. Hear a futurist perspective on topics such as how to behave more like start-ups to adapt and stay relevant, move from solution to insight selling to maintain relationships and lead effectively with a virtual team.  Suitable for: All business leaders, business owners and senior-management teams. Watch the recording >


Adopting new business technology

If you are looking to invest in a new business management solution to bring efficiencies, better ways of working and greater business control and insight, these sessions will highlight the key elements of Sage 200 and Sage X3 and how Datel could support your business.

  • Product Evaluation - Sage X3

Take a first look at Sage X3 with Datel’s Tom James and product specialist Ian Mowbray. The power of Sage X3 includes sophisticated multi-company, language and legislative capabilities. Learn how the application can be used, how intuitive workflows, dashboards and reporting enable quick adoption for your teams and provide better insight.  Suitable for businesses new to Sage X3.  Watch the recording >

  • Product Evaluation - Sage 200

Take a first look at Sage 200 with Datel’s Tom James and product specialist John Hesketh. The modular business management solution enables you to adopt the functionality you need to improve processes, build efficiency and gain insight across your business. We’ll take a look at the core solution including financials, commercials and reporting - as well as the additional areas for distribution, manufacturing and project accounting. Suitable for businesses new to Sage 200.  Watch the recording >

Gaining insight

Having easy access to insight, data and accurate reporting have become the key to decision making. These sessions highlight different ways you can improve visibility and use it to make more informed decisions for your business.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing and Warehouse Management

Explore the unique and easy way in which Sicon Manufacturing and Distribution modules can give your business a real time position of costs, issues, activity and success. With intelligent back office processes supported by mobile solutions for warehouse and manufacturing, we will see our live position real time in Sage and on the shop floor. Suitable for: Sage 200 users. Watch the recording >

  •  Using data to drive business decisions

Currently your business leaders need to understand what is happening in your business on a daily, if not hourly basis with the added challenge of working remotely from their teams.  Datel’s Marianne Morrice and Panintelligence’s Zandra Moore will look at how this is only half the story; leaders also need to know why it’s happening, what is likely to happen next, and use this insight to drive fast-paced decision making. Suitable for: Sage 200 users. Watch the recording >

  • Ensure data consistency and automation of your financials

Datel’s Lucinda Millen and ZAP’s Salam Al-Mosawi will be taking a look at how you can use data to manage your assets, liabilities and risks, create and maintain financials metrics and benchmarks for all areas of your business and effectively communicate your financial position from executive to operational level with the right insights gained.Suitable for: Sage X3 and Sage 1000 users. Watch the recording >

  •  Financial planning, forecasting and modelling in uncertain times

Now more than ever, the importance of being in a position to model different scenarios is relevant to many businesses.  Understand from Datel’s Geoff Green and Prophix’s James Hanson how to produce flexible cashflow plans, manage personnel budgets and have access to data to make agile and accurate decisions. Suitable for: Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage X3 users. Watch the recording >

  •  Transform insight with Sage Enterprise Intelligence v9

Datel’s Paolo Arcangelo and software author Tangerine Software’s Gareth Marks will share with you the latest trends in business intelligence, how they are incorporated within SEI v9 and how they can be utilised to access the knowledge and customer insight as it happens within your business - a key requirement for businesses looking to flex, change, innovate and find new ways forward in the most challenging of times. Suitable for: Sage X3 users. Watch the recording >

  • The power of Nectari for Sage 200 users

We've partnered with Tangerine Software to bring Sage 200 users a reporting and analytics platform that has been utilised by our Sage X3 customers for over 10 years. Nectari (aka Sage Enterprise Intelligence) brings insight and knowledge to businesses with Sage 200 at the core of their operations. Join Paolo Arcangelo, Sage X3 Services Director, and Gareth Marks from Tangerine Software to hear how Nectari can form part of your BI, reporting and analytics strategy in 2020. Watch the recording >

Building efficient processes in remote environments

Many business processes suffer from inefficiences, paper trails and out of date ways of working. This collection of seminars look at key areas that can support businesses now in a remote environment and in to the future.

  • 5 ways sales teams can help finance to improve cash flow

Join Datel's Steve Henthorne and Brian Howe from field sales technology partner Skynamo for a 20 minute Ignite Live seminar session where we will we take you through the common headaches finance teams deal with and how you can empower your field sales teams to play a significant role in alleviating them. Watch the recording >

  • Responding to customer interaction with self-service capabilities for Sage 200

The way businesses interact with their customers has changed beyond belief in the last six months. In this seminar Datel’s Ben Trappe and Draycir’s Richard Haywood will take you through how easily you can add self-serve capabilities to Sage 200 to enable colleagues and customers to access the information and documents they need, when they need it. Watch the recording >

  •  Better budgeting and planning for product centric organisations in 2021

In this session Datel’s Geoff Green and Prophix’s James Hanson will explore how a corporate performance management solution can help product-centric organisations navigate volatile change. With the goal being to build a world-class planning environment that intelligently connects business financial performance with product/manufacturing demand to provide one single source of the truth. Watch the recording >

  • Understanding inventory risk as it applies to your stocking strategy in the new world

This seminar explores how to develop a stocking strategy considering sources of inventory risks and risk multipliers in building an inventory model. This essentially balances the investment required to deliver your desired service level. Suitable for Sage X3, Sage 200 and Sage 1000 users. Watch the recording >

  • Automating payments and cash management by connecting Sage to your banks

When efficiency and cash position are crucial to firms' survival, why are payment and cash management processes still so manual in this digital age? AccessPay's Tom Livock covers how you can easily connect Sage to your banks and payment schemes, then automate payments, collections, and cash management in a more efficient, secure manner. Suitable for: Sage X3 users. Watch the recording >

  • Increasing the focus on cash retention and protection

Safeguarding and protecting supplier spend is more relevant to finance team and business leaders now more than ever before. Fiscal Tech’s Director of Strategic Alliances and Channel Colin Rigby will be sharing how you can increase your focus on cash retention, protect your business through forensic analysis of your procure-to-pay processes and protect against fraud. Suitable for: Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage X3 users. Watch the recording >

  •  Discover a better way to manage expenses

As cost management is the main concern of finance teams in current times, how do you ensure that expenses don’t become disjointed from strategy or a hidden unknown? Certify’s Paul Crawley and Datel’s Tony Coombes will look at how a simple, expense management and reporting solution empowers employees and transforms time-consuming, manual expense tasks into an easier, streamlined experience.  Suitable for: Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage X3 users. Watch the recording >

  • Credit control made easy 

At a time when your credit control function is more important than ever before, join Datel’s Emma Lee and Draycir’s Richard Haywood to see how you can automate many of your day-to-day credit control processes. Credit Hound will ensure you get paid faster and reduce the administrative burden of chasing payments.  Suitable for: Sage 200 users. Watch the recording >

  • Maintaining a cash flow culture with Fusion Excel Connect for Sage X3

In the current operating environment, many businesses have shifted the focus from profit maximisation to cash flow preservation. With attention on overheads, spend and working with remote teams, business leaders across the UK have adapted to ensure a strong focus on cash culture to maintain resilience and survive. But how do you maintain this going forward? Suitable for: Sage X3 users. Watch the recording>

For more information about Sage 200, Sage X3 or any of the solutions available alongside these core platforms please speak to one of our Sage experts by calling 0800 0775 888 or complete the form and we will call you back.

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