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Now, more than ever, you will need your Sage system to automate processes and provide data that will enable you to make critical decisions for your business.

With the particular challenges facing us currently, the operation of your business technology may need to be refined or extended for areas such as credit control, cash management and financial planning.

To help you to understand what is available, we are pleased to announce the launch of Ignite Live - a series of live sessions hosted by our own Sage experts and supplemented by our trusted partners.

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Upcoming demos...

  • 9th June 2020, 10:15am: Maximising your investment in Sage X3

As a business that has aligned Sage X3 to your technology strategy, how do you ensure it keeps up with your business, flexes as your business flexes and builds further return on investment? This panel session with Datel’s Sage X3 Services Director Paolo Arcangelo and Sage’s VP of Product Rob Sinfield will look at Sage X3 can support you through this time, how to build further value for the future and how to plan your Sage X3 strategy to drive your business forward. More info. 

Suitable for: Sage X3 users

  • 9th June 2020, 1:15pm: Managing spend and reducing procurement time wasting

Unauthorised spend can be a headache at the best of times, currently, it’s something your finance team will want to control more than ever before.  Understand how you can better manage procurement with time saving processes, intelligent approvals and control from Datel’s Sarah McCormick and R&D Director Tim Purcell. More info.

Suitable for: Sage 200 and Sage 1000 users 

  •  10th June, 10:15am: Keep informed on your business with instant notifications

Getting access to information on your business operations has never been more important. With reduced workforces or home workers, understanding what is happening in real-time can be crucial to making key decisions. Datel’s Ben Trappe and R&D Director Tim Purcell look at how information such as the debt profile of customers, cash received or paid and order intake can be in your inbox instantly, so you can stay informed as things happen. More info. 

Suitable for: Sage 200 and Sage 1000 users

In case you missed it...

  • 28th April 2020, 10.15am: Credit control made easy 

At a time when your credit control function is more important than ever before, join Datel’s Emma Lee and Draycir’s Richard Haywood to see how you can automate many of your day-to-day credit control processes. Credit Hound will ensure you get paid faster and reduce the administrative burden of chasing payments. Watch the recording.

Suitable for: Sage 200 users 


  •  29th April 2020, 10.15am: Financial planning, forecasting and modelling in uncertain times

Now more than ever, the importance of being in a position to model different scenarios is relevant to many businesses.  Understand from Datel’s Geoff Green and Prophix’s James Hanson how to produce flexible cashflow plans, manage personnel budgets and have access to data to make agile and accurate decisions. Watch the recording.

Suitable for: Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage X3 users 

  • 5th May 2020, 10.15am: Ensure data consistency and automation of your financials

Datel’s Lucinda Millen and ZAP’s Salam Al-Mosawi will be taking a look at how you can use data to manage your assets, liabilities and risks, create and maintain financials metrics and benchmarks for all areas of your business and effectively communicate your financial position from executive to operational level with the right insights gained. Watch the recording

Suitable for: Sage X3 and Sage 1000 users

  • 6th May 2020, 10.15am: Using data to drive business decisions

Currently your business leaders need to understand what is happening in your business on a daily, if not hourly basis with the added challenge of working remotely from their teams.  Datel’s Marianne Morrice and Panintelligence’s Zandra Moore will look at how this is only half the story; leaders also need to know why it’s happening, what is likely to happen next, and use this insight to drive fast-paced decision making. Watch the recording.

Suitable for: Sage 200 users

  •  7th May 2020, 10.15am: Discover a better way to manage expenses

As cost management is the main concern of finance teams in current times, how do you ensure that expenses don’t become disjointed from strategy or a hidden unknown? Certify’s Paul Crawley and Datel’s Tony Coombes will look at how a simple, expense management and reporting solution empowers employees and transforms time-consuming, manual expense tasks into an easier, streamlined experience. Watch the recording.

Suitable for: Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage X3 users 

  • 13th May 2020, 10:15am: Increasing the focus on cash retention and protection

Safeguarding and protecting supplier spend is more relevant to finance team and business leaders now more than ever before. Fiscal Tech’s Director of Strategic Alliances and Channel Colin Rigby will be sharing how you can increase your focus on cash retention, protect your business through forensic analysis of your procure-to-pay processes and protect against fraud. Watch the recording.

Suitable for: Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage X3 users

  • 14th May 2020, 10:15am: Improve your Sage X3 workflow and authorisation

Delivering the authorisation into decision makers inboxes while they work remotely could ensure more efficient working. Datel’s Ian Mowbray will show you how you can improve your workflow email output from Sage X3, update your authorisation processes with offline workflow authorisation and speed up Sage X3 processes with fully branded emails and more effective email output. Watch the recording.

Suitable for: Sage X3 users

  • 19th May 2020, 10:15am: Ensure data consistency with Excel Connect

Whether your finance team is working at full strength or you are operating with a slimmed down core team, time is currently a valuable resource for finance functions. Hear from Datel’s John Hesketh on how you can easily free up your finance team’s time through removing unnecessary rekeying of data into Sage from Excel in areas such as nominal ledger postings, sales orders, cash receipts and payments. Watch the recording.

Suitable for: Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage X3 users

  • 20th May 2020, 10:15am: Building a migration strategy

Knowing when and how to move from your current solution to a more feature rich and complex business management platform can be a challenge. This session with Datel’s Simon Nichols and John Hesketh will discuss internal and external factors to look at and will guide you through what’s involved in Datel’s approach to successfully migrating you from your current Sage solution to Sage X3. Watch the recording.

Suitable for: Sage 200 and Sage 1000 users

  • 20th May 2020, 1:15pm: See Sage X3 in action

Take a first look at Sage X3 in action and see how it seamlessly combines all the functionality required from an enterprise-level solution to bring business wide efficiencies to your organisation that align with your business goals. Datel’s Simon Nichols and Sage X3 expert Ian Mowbray will run through how Sage X3 can give you complete visibility of your entire business whilst managing end-to-end processes with greater efficiency, flexibility and insight. Watch the recording.

Suitable for: Sage 200, Sage 1000 users and businesses new to Sage

  • 21st May, 10:15am - 11:15am: Emerging from lockdown – A guide for businesses

Datel’s Emma Pownall is joined by futurist Matt O’Neill to discuss the effects that Covid-19 has and will have on businesses as we emerge from lockdown. Matt will look at how you can adapt, plan to return to a physical workplace and utilise technology to support collaborative work. Hear a futurist perspective on topics such as how to behave more like start-ups to adapt and stay relevant, move from solution to insight selling to maintain relationships and lead effectively with a virtual team. 

Suitable for: All business leaders, business owners and senior-management teams

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