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From ERP cloud hosting experts, Datel Advansys

At Datel, we know what it’s worth to your business to ensure that your Sage system is always accessible and that your data is never compromised. Which is why we like to host our customers’ systems where we can keep a close eye on them - with our trusted sister company, Datel Advansys.



"The service from Datel Advansys has been consistently first rate from the outset. With their hosting we get very few issues - which is great in itself. But what's even better is that if any potential issues do crop up, they're often resolved before we're even aware. Their fast response time is equally as impressive when we request any changes - they're always done straight away with no problems."

Alan Stanley, Head of Technical Operations at Onecom

Cloud hosting

Datel Advansys specialises in the cloud hosting of ERP applications, particularly Sage solutions. Meaning this arm of Datel is well equipped to cope with the particular demands that come with hosting complex business management systems, which include significant customisations and multiple integrations with other applications. As you might imagine, the close relationship that we have with Datel Advansys means that our customers benefit from our shared knowledge of their business and system requirements, as well as our combined experience of architecting and supporting thousands of Sage ERP solutions.

Exceptional customer support runs in the family here at Datel, as the team of consultants at Datel Advansys are highly accredited and can provide tailored support to match your business requirements. Their 24/7 managed platform ensures that your Sage system will operate at the highest level of reliability, performance and security.

Platform as a Service

If you're anxious about the idea of hosting your ERP system and sensitive data in the cloud, you're not alone. Meeting compliance and GDPR laws are crucial, which is why the ‘Platform as a Service’ offering from Datel Advansys is proving extremely popular with customers who have specific requirements around the security, availability, and integrity of data.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) offers you all the benefits of a complete private cloud computing solution – whilst hosting your system in the UK, across multiple secure and resilient data centres. With PaaS, you gain all the services required to ensure your enterprise applications and data remain available and secure to the levels demanded by your business.

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"Datel Advansys host all of our servers, including our large Sage X3 ERP system. I've found the team to be knowledgeable, professional and adaptable but above all extremely friendly and helpful. As a lone SYSADMIN the close working relationship I have with Datel Advansys gives me complete confidence that my servers and data are safe."

James Young, Systems Administrator at Ruskim Seafoods Ltd

Why choose PaaS?

Traditionally ‘on-premise’ ERP was the go-to option for a lot of businesses using Sage. However in the modern working environment, significant advantages can be gained with private cloud hosting and PaaS from Datel Advansys.

✓  No capital expenditure

The service is delivered on a rental basis so there’s no hefty upfront investments.

✓  Scaleable and flexible

Infrastructure can easily be scaled to meet future business requirements, so you only pay for what you need, as you need it.

✓  Proactive monitoring & 24/7 support

Your environment will be monitored and managed by Datel to agreed service levels.

✓  Built on enterprise class infrastructure

Hosted on the latest highly available, scalable and resilient hardware.

✓  Sage X3 cloud hosting specialist

Datel is one of the first Sage partners in the world to be approved as a Sage X3 Cloud Hosting Specialist, meaning Sage endorses our Sage hosted systems as meeting their strict criteria.

✓  Guaranteed availability with meaningful SLA’s

The service is delivered from Tier 3+ designed data centre facilities across two locations, offering full redundancy.

✓  Access highly skilled specialists

Experienced in implementing and supporting a large number of complex ERP solutions.

✓  Sleep easy with offsite backups

Multiple restore points to recover individual files or the full system for disaster recovery.

✓  Diversely routed internet connectivity

Reliable, tough and resilient through managed firewalls.


Data Centres

Datel Advansys locates all their infrastructure in Tier 3+ rated UK data centres. This offering is unique in its design, featuring a single logical data centre across the two physical locations.

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Our security is all about providing accurate data to the right people, at the right time... whilst ensuring all others are denied access. 

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Sage X3 and SQL

Sage X3 is designed around a three tier architecture that scales with your business. Discover our PaaS management package for Sage X3. 

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