Sage X3 & SQL

Sage X3 and SQL Server

Sage X3 is designed around a three tier architecture, consisting of the web server presentation layer, application logic and database layer. 

For small deployments, these layers can be combined into a single server, but for larger solutions, each layer can consist of multiple components to support hundreds of users.  

In the initial design of your system, one of our key considerations is understanding how it might be required to scale over time. That way we can ensure that the correct building blocks are implemented at the start to enable seamless growth in the future.

Monitoring and managing your database

Another key function that Datel Advansys provides is ongoing monitoring and management of your environment, to ensure each of the components continues to perform as expected. 

Our ‘Platform as a Service’ hosting option for Sage X3 includes a comprehensive management package that ensures your system continues to deliver optimum performance. This management package includes:

  • Monitoring of key server functions.

  • Off-site backup and disaster recovery.

  • Monthly system security patches.

  • Performance network and bandwidth monitoring.

  • Vulnerability scans on major system changes.

  • Monitoring of key SQL counters and disk statistics.
  • SQL maintenance, including:
    - Backup management.
    - Transaction log backup and management.

  • SQL Server performance analysis, including:
    - Index and fragmentation analysis.
    - Blocking, deadlock detection and expensive query analysis.

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