System security

Sage system security

Sage system security is all about providing accurate data to the right people, at the right time... whilst ensuring all others are denied access.

The security model designed by Datel Advansys involves multiple layers of protection. The team also provides best practice guidance on how to keep your systems secure, whilst ensuring appropriate user access at the same time.

Their processes and procedures dictate that they must assess the security risk and impact of each and every change we make to your Sage system. Meaning as your system evolves over time, its security won’t be compromised.

Balancing conflicting requirements

One of the biggest challenges we face relating to system security is conflicting requirements. End users desire quick and easy access to the system (so that they can get on with their tasks as efficiently as possible), whereas IT security professionals prefer numerous complex steps (to make unauthorised access as difficult as possible).

It is therefore always a balancing act, setting ease-of-use against the security layers deployed. Being familiar with your requirements allows our teams to design your set-up to have the right level of security to match the sensitivity of your data.

With all the systems that Datel Advansys takes care of, they address both physical and logical threats as well as placing a lot of emphasis on the importance of security procedures and policies.

Physical security

To prevent the theft of your data, the data centre itself must be secure. The physical security provided by our data centres includes the following features:

  • Premises manned 24/7.
  • Data centre perimeter fencing with CCTV.
  • Biometric and key card access through reception and data halls.
  • Locked racks.
  • UPS and generators .
  • Redundant cooling.
  • All hardware built with a minimum of N+1 redundancy.
  • Backup data centre to cover a complete site failure.

Logical security

With almost all systems being connected to the internet, logical security is a vital consideration. With the potential of cyber threats being initiated from anywhere in the world, all systems are open to exposure. Datel Advansys takes a multi-layered approach to protect your systems including:

  • Firewall protection at all network boundaries.
  • 'Deny by default' policy .
  • VLANs dedicated to individual customers.
  • TLS encryption or VPN for all data in transit.
  • Encrypted backups that are kept off-site.
  • Complex user ID and password management.
  • Independent external penetration testing.

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