Datel products

Are you looking to extend the functionality of your Sage application?

We give you the flexibility to enhance your base platform with best-of-breed solutions. Our Fusion range of products has been developed to work with your core Sage solution to bring the power of your system even closer in line with your business needs.

From process automation to quick and easy data entry, we actively seek user feedback and deliver new additions to streamline your business processes. All of our Fusion products are tried and tested throughout the development phase to result in a smooth adoption and implementation.

Fusion Excel Connect

Suitable for Sage 200cloud, Sage 1000, Sage Line 500 and Sage Enterprise Management

Speed up the routine entry of accounting data, sales orders, purchases and stock into your Sage application, by creating and editing data first in familiar spreadsheets before posting to the system - without any re-keying. Similarly, users can browse nominal codes, products and customers, select the relevant information and then export into Microsoft Excel.

Fusion Excel Connect enables easy and intuitive data entry into Sage 200cloud, Sage 1000 and Sage Enterprise Management:

  • Full control over what users can see and do, with administrator-defined mappings
  • Track activity through the built-in audit trail, and even inexperienced users can have confidence with instant feedback on whether data has been posted correctly
  • A modular approach gives the flexibility to purchase only the plug-ins that you need right away.

Fusion Carrier Connect

Suitable for Sage 200cloud and Sage Enterprise Management

Initiate and manage courier services, by bringing another step in the fulfilment process within the scope of your Sage software. Fusion Carrier Connect integrates automated carrier consignment creation with the sales order process. You can pick a carrier service, enter collection and delivery information and print shipping labels without leaving the system, and receive instant feedback from the carrier. 

Fusion Carrier Connect makes creating a carrier consignment an automated, seamless part of your Sage sales order process: 

  • Improve service levels by despatching products quickly and efficiently 
  • Cut administrative workload and spend more time on higher value activities 
  • Reduce risk of errors through eliminating the need to re-key data.

Fusion Postcode Connect

Suitable for Sage 200cloud, Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500

Ensure that the details for both customers and suppliers are entered correctly into your Sage application. Fusion Postcode Connect links to a data source that is frequently refreshed, so that only current address information is stored on your system.

Fusion Postcode Connect provides automated, accurate address capture and validation:

  • Avoid mistakes taking customers’ details via phone or online
  • Improve customer service levels and save the time and money associated with shipping goods to the wrong address
  • Simple to use and easy to install, with web-based training to get users quickly up to speed.

Fusion Credit Connect

Suitable for Sage 200cloud

Simplify the process of monitoring your customers' ever changing credit information, with a single point of visibility. Fusion Credit Connect provides Creditsafe company data direct into your Sage application, with access to more than 120 million limited, non-limited, sole trader and public limited companies worldwide. 

Fusion Credit Connect allows you to assess your customers' credit situations, to protect the future cash flow of your business: 

  • Ensure good business management by reducing the risk of working with bad debtors 
  • Make fast decisions on whether or not to do business
  • React quickly to changing circumstances, with email notifications when a company’s credit data changes.

Fusion Go!

Access core components of your Sage software on-the-move

Fusion Go! is a mobile app designed to make life easier for businesses using Sage’s business management software, giving users access to essential data about your customer base, business prospects and product range, with up-to-the-minute accuracy wherever in the world you may be.

Fusion Go! has a user-friendly interface that lends itself to quick, easy and simple navigation, with drill-down details of:

  • Customer contact information – up-to-date telephone numbers, email addresses and business addresses for key individual business contacts
  • Credit information – details on customers’ credit limits and payment terms
  • Aged debt – visual graphs, tables and charts clearly display accrued debt for individual accounts, by calendar month
  • Account memos and notes – the latest important memos and notes added by other app users, available in real-time
  • Financial invoices and transactions – current and historical transactions displayed in an organised table.


Fusion Automation

Suitable for Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500

Respond to constant demands to improve process speed and reaction time, by automating repetitive tasks in your Sage application. Fusion Automation conducts frequently used and time-consuming processes such as works order completion, printing of picking lists, allocating stock or filling out purchase orders, without the need for manual data input.

Fusion Automation enables you to make key, repetitive processes more manageable, without having to write a single line of code:

  • Increase productivity and focus on the activities that add most value to your business
  • Ensure processes are completed without delay
  • Improve customer service by making key Sage tasks less prone to user error.

Fusion Notify

Suitable for Sage 200cloud, Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500

Set and receive instant email notification on changes occurring within Sage that are likely to have a significant impact on your business, whether it relates to your financial data, material requirements planning or customer relationship management. Fusion Notify means that you can make timely decisions based on the data stored on your system, wherever you are working. The notifications can be triggered in real time or, for less time critical events, scheduled to run at a specific time, for example as an end-of-day report.

By automatically sounding the alarm on critical business events, Fusion Notify can support you in running an efficient, profitable business:

  • Stay informed and avoid missing changes in your Sage data, whether you are in or out of the office
  • React quickly to changing events, or anticipate an emergency situation
  • Easy-to-use system, with access to a Datel consultant to get you started as rapidly as possible.

Fusion Enhancer

Suitable for Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500

Enhance and extend the capabilities of Sage 1000, without the need for programming skills. Fusion Enhancer allows you to quickly produce data entry forms, complex browse options and reports, to reduce the number of screens or applications a user needs to work through. Once the enhancement has been created within the design environment, it will be deployed within seconds so that it can be accessed straight away.

Fusion Enhancer is a platform that allows you to extend browse and query functionality within the Sage environment, so that your system can be customised to your specific requirements:

  • Reduce the number of screens and applications that users must work through to perform simple tasks
  • Save the time, cost and hassle associated with maintaining disparate applications to run business critical processes.

Fusion e-Requisitions

Suitable for Sage 200cloud, Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500

Effectively manage your purchasing process, with a flexible, easy-to-use web-based system. It enables users to raise and authorise purchase orders from any location without using Sage, and gives you the information you need to control your procurement more efficiently.

Fusion e-Requisitions is a powerful, streamlined alternative to the paper trail that a traditional purchase requisition process usually leaves behind:

  • Reduce time spent on administration, and save money by eliminating the need to buy and store hard-copy forms
  • Minimise data entry through end-to-end integration with your Sage system
  • Easily deployed across your business, as a scalable solution that limits the use of Sage licences.

Fusion SDK

Suitable for Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500

Extend the scope of your Sage system, with this easy-to-use software developer’s toolkit. Fusion SDK is a user friendly set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that mean you can better integrate business processes, by performing a wide range of functions to access and update your technology. It enables you to pass information between your Sage software and third party applications in a safe and secure way.

Fusion SDK means you can embrace the latest development standards as part of your existing solution, to future-proof your investment:

  • Have confidence that the Sage database is updated correctly, with APIs that ensure distinct functions are carried out in line with the complexities of the Sage business rules and processes
  • Flexibility to use a variety of development languages, and work with any database that is supported by Sage
  • Limit the need to change code to match major Sage upgrades, as the APIs are supported and maintained within your annual end user support agreement.