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Are you looking to extend the functionality of your Sage application?

We give you the flexibility to enhance your base platform with best-of-breed solutions. Our Fusion range of products has been developed to work with your core Sage solution to bring the power of your system even closer in line with your business needs.

From process automation to quick and easy data entry, we actively seek user feedback and deliver new additions to streamline your business processes. All of our Fusion products are tried and tested throughout the development phase to result in a smooth adoption and implementation.



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Fusion Excel Connect

Suitable for Sage 200, Sage 1000, Sage Line 500 and Sage X3

Speed up the routine entry of accounting data, sales orders, purchases and stock into your Sage application, by creating and editing data first in familiar spreadsheets before posting to the system - without any re-keying. Similarly, users can browse nominal codes, products and customers, select the relevant information and then export into Microsoft Excel.

Fusion Excel Connect enables easy and intuitive data entry into Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage X3:

  • Full control over what users can see and do, with administrator-defined mappings
  • Track activity through the built-in audit trail, and even inexperienced users can have confidence with instant feedback on whether data has been posted correctly
  • A modular approach gives the flexibility to purchase only the plug-ins that you need right away


5 ways your business can use Fusion Excel Connect

Check out our free product guide to discover how businesses are using Fusion Excel Connect to grow efficiency and maximise on time, allowing their teams to focus on tasks that move their business forward. Download here.


Fusion Capture

Suitable for Sage X3

Fusion Capture is a flexible barcoding and warehouse management system, which provides seamless warehouse integration, live data access and complete user control.

Designed exclusively for integration with Sage X3, Fusion Capture can be tailored to the growing needs of your business, allowing your warehouse capabilities to evolve.

Also, one of the biggest benefits of introducing Fusion Capture in your warehouse is that live productivity data can be displayed to everyone involved, from management to operatives.

Making live stats visible to operatives provides a type of gamification to the working day that can be incredibly motivational.


Evolve your warehouse capabilities with Fusion Capture

Take a look at our free product guide to find out how your business can benefit from improved warehousing and manufacturing efficiency. Download here.

Fusion Notify

Suitable for Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500

Set and receive instant email notification on changes occurring within Sage that are likely to have a significant impact on your business, whether it relates to your financial data, material requirements planning or customer relationship management. Fusion Notify means that you can make timely decisions based on the data stored on your system, wherever you are working. The notifications can be triggered in real time or, for less time critical events, scheduled to run at a specific time, for example as an end-of-day report.

By automatically sounding the alarm on critical business events, Fusion Notify can support you in running an efficient, profitable business:

  • Stay informed and avoid missing changes in your Sage data, whether you are in or out of the office
  • React quickly to changing events, or anticipate an emergency situation
  • Easy-to-use system, with access to a Datel consultant to get you started as rapidly as possible


10 notifications that will help your business run smoothly

Check out our infographic to see the most popular notifications that businesses are reaping the benefits of by using Fusion Notify. Download here.


Fusion Currency Connect

Suitable for Sage X3

At Datel, we’re in full support of businesses expanding globally, but we appreciate trading internationally comes with its problems - especially when dealing with multiple currencies and ever-changing exchange rates.

As a solution, our R&D team at Datel have developed Fusion Currency Connect, which maximizes international trade opportunities with a simplified process to monitor and update exchange rates automatically.

Once an international business that is trading, paying and receiving a number of foreign currencies starts using Fusion Currency Connect, they say they'll never go back to how life was before.


Transform trading internationally with Fusion Currency Connect

Discover the impact Fusion Currency Connect could have on your team and business by downloading the free product guide. Download here.

Fusion for Sage 1000

Fusion Excel Connect, Fusion Notify, Fusion Enhancer and Fusion Automation

With Sage 1000 at the core of your business technology, there is huge potential to add additional functionality. Through the implementation of Fusion products, you’ll be able to streamline processes, experience greater visibility and see a noticeable increase in profitability.

Discover how you can enhance your 1000 solution with Fusion products from Datel, and deliver the transformational change your business needs to achieve your ambitions.


Enhance your Sage 1000 solution with Fusion

Take a closer look at the products that will help your business expand the functionality of your solution with our free product guide. Download here.

Fusion e-Requisitions

Suitable for Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage Line 500

Effectively manage your purchasing process, with a flexible, easy-to-use web-based system. It enables users to raise and authorise purchase orders from any location without using Sage, and gives you the information you need to control your procurement more efficiently.

Fusion e-Requisitions is a powerful, streamlined alternative to the paper trail that a traditional purchase requisition process usually leaves behind.

  • Reduce time spent on administration, and save money by eliminating the need to buy and store hard-copy forms
  • Minimise data entry through end-to-end integration with your Sage system
  • Easily deployed across your business, as a scalable solution that limits the use of Sage licences.

Fusion Workflow Editor

Suitable for Sage X3

Fusion Workflow Editor allows you to customise the layout, information, functionality, images and colours used within your company’s workflow emails, enabling productivity, ease and convenience.

  • Deliver emails with consistent branding and formatting using your own layout preferences, company logo and brand colours
  • Increase in-email productivity by giving recipients all of the rich data they need, directly from within the email
  • Gain convenient and secure offline access to accept or reject authorisation requests from workflow emails