Software selection

Selecting the right software for your business

If your business processes are effected by lack of technology, frequent system failures or you do not have the capacity to support growth, the profitability of your business could be suffering.

There’s a lot at stake when you purchase new technology, as the decision will impact on your bottom line for many years to come.

Our expert team of consultants will guide you through each step of selecting a new solution for your business. With experience of working alongside more than 1,000 customers across a broad range of industries, we can help you to understand what to look for in choosing the right solution. To assist you on your software selection journey, we provide: 

  • Guidance on the key stages in the ERP buying process and access to useful tools that will assist in efficient preparation
  • Pre-sales consultancy, including an initial meeting to gain a detailed understanding of your business and its processes
  • Advice on the best system, based on your current situation and future plans
  • Personalised demonstrations, so that you gain an insight into how the software would work for you

Access to expert guidance

With a wide portfolio of Sage business solutions, we ask the right questions to determine which product you really need. We give impartial advice to help you review the different options available.

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Achieve maximum ROI

Our commitment to the highest standards of customer service continues once you have purchased your software. We work alongside you to achieve a smooth implementation, to ensure a rapid return on your business’s investment in the new solution.

Future-proof your business

We want you to be as satisfied with your ERP software in a few years as you are now, and encourage our customers to choose a software that supports their growth aspirations. We use our depth of experience to help you find a technology with the right level of scalability to take your business forward.

Looking for guidance on where to start?

To get you started, we've created a couple of straight-talking guides. Simply download the guide below that best reflects your current situation, and step-by-step it'll take you through the most important factors to consider. 

Are you implementing your first business-wide system?

Taking the leap and investing in a complete business management system can seem a daunting next step for a businesses scaling up. This guide is designed to help you identify a technology strategy to suit your business goals.

Do you need to replace your existing business management solution?

As your business evolves, does your technology keep up? Use this guide to carry out a health check and understand if your current business technology is aligned with your goals and ambitions.