Burt Boulton and Haywood Limited

Part of the Finnforest group, Europe's largest wood products corporation, Burt Boulton and Haywood manufactures telephone poles, power transmission poles, sleepers, crossing timbers, fencing materials and preserved specialist timber products. The company has been treating timber with wood preservatives since 1848, now employing thirty people and operating from sites in Newport in South Wales and Leven in Fife.

After Datel formally reviewed the systems in place at Burt Boulton and Haywood, it was clear that the business would benefit from greater synergy between systems. Datel suggested a joined-up solution which would provide wide-ranging visibility of the business and help Burt Boulton and Haywood maintain their competitive edge. The solution that would provide these benefits was Sage 1000.

Solution benefits for Burt Boulton & Haywood:

  • An integrated system for distribution, financials and customer relationship management

  • End-to-end visibility of the business increases the company’s competitive edge

  • Responsive support from a long-term technology partner

  • Targeted marketing based on customers' buying history helps in moving stock

  • Sales people empowered to analyse their customers by product, sales history and credit record

Industry: Manufacturing

Current solution: Sage 1000

"Having end-to-end visibility of our business has made a huge difference in our ability to open up new opportunities and provide outstanding customer service... we're becoming more marketing-focused and more proactive at getting out there and selling.”

Steven Harris, Head of IT, Burt Boulton and Haywood