Gamesman Limited

Gamesman Limited and Sage 200

Gamesman Limited is a global manufacturing business that since 1996 has catered to the needs and requirements of the international gaming industry. In the UK, its headquarters are in Crawley, close to Gatwick airport, where it has manufacturing and production facilities, as well as an extensive R&D department, sales, purchasing and finance.

After encountering problems with the existing system Gamesman Limited decided it would be beneficial for the business to look for a flexible and straightforward solution. Following a market review, Gamesman Limited decided to meet with Datel where they were able to demonstrate that Sage 200 financials, commercials and manufacturing would match the business requirements just as well as SAP Business One, without introducing unnecessary complexity.

Solution benefits for Gamesman:

  • An ERP solution that fits requirements without being overly complex

  • Software with a clear roadmap for future development, providing a long-term solution

  • Accurate stock information ensures components are available for manufacture, without over-ordering

  • Management information can be easily extracted, leading to improved visibility and control

  • Professional support by Datel for a smooth implementation with customisation

Industry: Technology

Sage solution: Sage 200

“Having reliable stock information has greatly improved the accuracy of our purchasing decisions. We order in new stock only if it’s genuinely needed, rather than ‘just in case,’ which obviously helps the bottom line.”

- Robert King, Finance Director at Gamesman Limited