Gill and Sage 200

Trusted on the water for more than 40 years Gill did not start as a brand or a business. It started as a solution to find better more capable sailing clothing using the best fabrics possible. Combined with innovative design to increase performance and tested on elite athletes in the most challenging of conditions. Gill has grown into an established quality technical apparel brand, meeting consumer needs both on and off the water. Distributed around the world to 37 countries and more recently through a global Ecommerce platform, Gill enjoys the position of a leading brand within its core sector, and has an excellent reputation for quality and customer service.

The company as developed from a traditional UK manufacturer to a brand focused company who sources manufacturing from abroad. Garments for the European market are shipped to the UK warehouse for distribution whilst garments for other countries are shipped direct to numerous distributors around the world.

Solution benefits for Gill:

  • Streamlining of the demand / planning process

  • Integration of the business process from start to finish

  • Visibility of information across the sourcing process

Industry: Manufacturing

Sage solution: Sage 200 with Protex

“We looked at several generic solutions from straight forward upgrades to bespoke software. I had known about Datel as a provider to the clothing industry. The beauty with Protex was the integration of the process from start to finish and speaking to people who understood the industry - I didn’t need to explain what CMT meant.”

John Deverill, Managing Director at Gill