Irvine-Whitlock Limited

Irvine-Whitlock Ltd and Sage 1000

Justin Irvine is IT Manager at Irvine-Whitlock Ltd, a specialist subcontractor in the UK construction market. Established in 1963, the company has grown in size and scope but still maintains its head office in Bedford. Although the workforce of operatives fluctuates week by week as project requirements change, as many as 800 people can be employed at any time.

Solution benefits for Irvine-Whitlock:

  • Access to meaningful intelligence for contract managers and surveyors

  • At-a-glance overview of actual, budgeted and pending costs, with the ability to drill down

  • Timesheet data imported directly from spreadsheets, saving a morning a week

  • Integrated document management software streamlines purchase order processing

  • Datel handles day-to-day IT support, freeing internal resources to focus on the business

Industry: Services

Sage solution: Sage 1000

“As the business has grown, life’s certainly become more hectic for everyone. Once upon a time, I could absorb most of the Sage support issues; now there are just not enough hours in the day. Fortunately, I’m able to hand over plenty of the day-to-day support to Datel, so I can focus more on the business.”

- Justin Irvine, IT Manager at Irvine-Whitlock Ltd