Kestrel Ophthalmics

Industry: Healthcare

Current solution: Sage 200

Kestrel Ophthalmics and Sage 200

Kestrel Ophthalmics specialises in providing medical devices for ophthalmic surgeries into NHS trusts, private clinics and optometrists. The company enables the ophthalmic community to deliver successful patient outcomes by supporting their needs with its innovative product portfolio and insightful, specialist knowledge.

Since 2001, Kestrel has grown in many ways, including its product range, ophthalmology industry knowledge and team expansion. The company continues to search for the latest in ophthalmic innovation to offer the UK ophthalmic community high quality, innovative and cost-effective products, in addition to working alongside customers in their everyday practice to help them deliver the highest quality service. As Kestrel continues to grow and expand, it needed a business management solution that would increase efficiency and staff productivity, meaning an easy to use and streamlined solution was a must.

Adopting Sage 200

Kestrel worked closely with the UK's leading Sage Business Partner, Datel, to adopt Sage 200 in 2013. Sage 200 is a complete management solution, delivering transparent cost benefits and increased control that simplifies everyday tasks. Additionally, it reduces the time it takes to do these tasks and improves the overall visibility across all departments within a business.

Datel partnered with Kestrel throughout the whole implementation journey, from the initial stages through to future planning for the adopted solution. In 2016, Kestrel was purchased by Cutting Edge Group and moved to a different business partner for its Sage 200 support services to align with the parent company. However, Kestrel started experiencing problems with the solution as its business intelligence functions were no longer supported. The partner’s support team were also not trained on these functions and were slow to respond when problems arose. This meant Kestrel were not able to use the solution to the best of its ability and maximise its potential for flexibility and creativity.

As a result, Kestrel moved back to Datel for its Sage 200 support services in 2018. Carol Innes, Office Manager at Kestrel explains;

“Datel had built a strong relationship with us over the years, by working one to one with our staff members and fully understanding our requirements and needs as a business. We made the decision to go back to Datel as we had immense trust for their team, and appreciated their wealth of knowledge and continuous support services.”

Customer service is key

Kestrel wanted to ensure it was working with a partner that was responsive and able to provide a quick turnaround time to any issues that may arise. Datel prides itself on good customer services and continual improvement. It offers a support logging system to customers for logging tickets and tracking where the team are with open tickets. With its transparent support services offering, Datel provided an on-average 15 minute response time to tickets logged by Kestrel, which meant the team could be increasingly more productive and flexible when problems did emerge.

Additionally, Kestrel had an existing solution called Eureka which was no longer supported by their previous supplier, which lead to Kestrel having to manage Eureka’s licences and challenges themselves. One of the main benefits Kestrel have experienced since moving back to Datel is their ability to fully support this function in house. The Datel team also conducted a health check for growth potential and worked closely with Kestrel’s IT team to ensure a smooth transition. This means the support services team can fully support Kestrel and resolve issues that may arise promptly.

Looking to the future

Sage 200 and the partnership with Datel gives Kestrel the flexibility and creativity to grow. By working closely with the Datel team, the company are provided with continuous high-quality support and quick problem-solving. Overall, this means Kestrel can work more efficiently towards its business ambitions, as well as staff being more motivated and productive day to day. Carol Innes concludes;

“When you buy a business solution, you want one that makes life easier and more efficient. By working with Datel that is exactly what we have. The Datel team definitely have the skill sets and knowledge to make the use of a complex business management system simple and productive.”