Magee 1866

Magee 1866 and Sage 200

Magee 1866 is a company steeped in history and heritage with over 150 years of designing, weaving and tailoring. Datel are proud to celebrate a 20 year partnership in the provision of business management solutions and services to support such a reputable business.

The clothing and footwear sector has undergone numerous challenges in the course of 20 years. Many have succumbed to these challenges and others have evolved and diversified to continue to survive and some even thrive. Magee and Datel have evolved together over the 20 years and this ability to evolve and meet the customer needs has been the reason for such a successful relationship.

Solution benefits for Magee:

  • Enhanced customer service with full visibility of stock

  • Simplified management of our personal tailoring service

  • Intuitive and quick to implement

Industry: Manufacturing

Solution: Sage 200 with Protex

“The reason we have continued to work with Datel is because they have continued to deliver a solution to enhance our business. However, we have changed, but so has Protex changed with us and evolved to suit the here and now and our future plans. Of course we have evaluated the marketplace, it only makes good business sense to compare. During each review cycle, whether we have looked at a generic or alternative clothing and footwear specific ERP solutions they have not be able to demonstrate better benefits for our business compared to Protex.”

- Lynn Temple, Chairman at Magee 1866