Multisol Ltd

Multisol is a privately owned family business offering services to the chemical industry. It provides sales distribution of chemical and oil products, blending and packing, toll processing and logistics provision. Its oil customers include household names such as BP, Esso Castrol and Total. Multisol is also a major distributor for Exxon Mobil, providing white spirit-based, specialist chemical products to customers such as Toyota and Vauxhall.

Multisol’s turnover has grown fivefold in just eight years and the company has ambitious but realistic plans to double turnover within another two years. Furthermore, this phenomenal growth has been achieved purely by increasing sales.

The main challenge facing Andrew Wilkins as Operations Director has been anticipating the on-going growth in business and meeting these demands within its IT system.

Solution benefits for Multisol:

  • A robust, scalable solution to support the company’s ambitions for growth in Europe

  • Salespeople have a rounded view of the customer

  • Orders automatically tracked and the correct datasheets supplied with products, in compliance with legal requirements

  • Dedicated Datel staff provide consistently high standards of proactive support

  • Bespoke integration including links with supplier’s SAP system for the import of data

Industry: Manufacturing

Current solution: Sage 1000

“Much of the success of Multisol can be attributed to us getting close to our customers. Our customer relationship management system supports this by giving us a single view of every aspect of our customers’ history and status.”

- Andrew Wilkins, Operations Director at Multisol